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Monday, April 18, 2022

Ford Shares 7 Ways To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

One of the biggest news in recent weeks is the steady rise in fuel prices, which prompted motorists to find ways to mitigate the impact of the skyrocketing fuel costs on their budgets.

But did you know that how you drive, as well as how you maintain your vehicle, can make a big difference in your vehicle’s fuel consumption? Here are tips from Ford Philippines that can help you maximize your fuel economy:

#1. Choose a fuel-efficient engine

Both the Ford Ranger and Everest are available with a range of engines that have been designed and developed to deliver a mix of performance and efficiency. For instance, Ford’s Bi-Turbo engine is available in both the Ranger and Everest.

#2. Weight is your enemy

This is an obvious one, but one that can be hard especially for 4WD owners to side-step. With extra off-road equipment, driving lights, and roof racks, the weight begins to add up. It can be tempting to keep everything in your pick-up or SUV, ready for your next adventure, but that means you put on additional weight every time you drive. Reducing the contents of your vehicle by as little as 45 kilograms could result in a fuel economy improvement of up to four percent.

#3. Drive sensibly

Aggressive acceleration and braking can increase your fuel consumption by up to 30 percent. What you want to do is accelerate gently and then once you’re at a steady speed, maintain driving within the local speed limit while you’re scanning the road ahead. If you do spot a traffic issue up ahead, then lift off the throttle earlier to reduce speed gradually, rather than diving on the brakes at the last minute, only to accelerate hard again. One handy hint when you’re driving on the highway is to make use of cruise control, as this will help maintain the posted speed limit without sudden fuel-sucking fluctuations in speed.

#4. Speed matters

It’s simple: The faster you go, the more fuel you’ll use. Up to around 80 km/h, the energy required to overcome wind resistance on a vehicle is minimal (though is greater than overcoming rolling resistance). Push beyond that, however, and drag increases exponentially. By driving 90 km/h instead of 100 km/h, for instance, you could improve your fuel economy by up to 15 percent. If your vehicle has a real-time fuel economy gauge, you can use it to get an idea of how much fuel you’re using at different speeds, which will help you find your vehicle’s sweet spot. This usually equates to being in the highest gear at the lowest possible revs.

#5. Talking Tires

Ensure your vehicle’s tires are inflated as per the manufacturer’s recommendation (usually on a placard on a door jamb – or in your owner’s manual). The importance of properly inflated tires goes beyond just reducing rolling resistance and improving fuel efficiency; it’s also about vehicle safety.

Over-inflate your tires and you risk reduced grip and increased wear. Similarly, drive with too low tire pressure and you’ll increase the rolling resistance, which means your vehicle will be working harder to travel at the same speed. What about when you’re off-roading? If you’re driving on sand, you’ll need to drop your tire pressure to help the tires float across the surface rather than plough into it. Doing this reduces drag on the tires and cuts the amount of work the engine needs to do to turn them, saving fuel.

#6. Hot weather

Hotter weather helps your vehicle’s engine reach its optimum operating temperature much faster. But switching on the air-conditioning can place strain on the engine which will see an increase in fuel consumption. Indeed, on shorter trips in really hot weather, running the aircon can increase fuel consumption by up to 25 percent.

To give your vehicle’s engine a helping hand, on hot days consider lowering the windows if you’re travelling at lower speeds and leave the A/C switched off. Or consider doing this at least initially to help get the hot air out of your vehicle, making it easier for the air-con to cool your car’s cabin. Driving with the windows down increases drag, which means your engine has to work harder; the effect is small at low speeds but increases as speed increases, so always use your air-con at highway speeds.

#7. Combine your trips

How many times have you run to the shops or the local hardware store, got back home and then realized you need to go back because you forgot something? All of those little trips will see you use more fuel than a longer drive at a consistent speed. So, make a list of all the things you need to get and tick them off as you go.


  1. Pls program your 10 speed transmissions to change gears at lower RPMs like the toyotas and mitsus to save fuel.

  2. Or buy a Ford and always have the car save gas by being in the shop every month because its a POS.

  3. Tip #8, Buy FORD and you'll reduce trips to gas stations by a large margin because it stays longer at repair shops than on the roads.

  4. Thank you Ford Ph for the tips.
    - Toyota vehicle owner.

  5. Why is it that the ones that are always complaining about Ford are not even owners? Hmmm...

    1. I've own several ford cars. Happy with all of them.

  6. Tip # 1: Don't buy a Ford haha

  7. Most ford haters doesnt own a ford. Thats a fact. They all have zero experience with ford cars. All they say is based on what they read and what theye been told or what their friends friend says or what their cousins cousin say etc..

  8. I've already owned a Ford. Worst car ownership experience ever.

    Also, there's nothing wrong if people based their comments on plethora of info available online or from their friends who had actual experience. It actually makes them informed would be buyers.

    In my case though, you can call me stupid. I am well aware of Ford's reputation, but it was an emo buy for me and played the russian roulette on reliability for my particular unit hoping the odds will be in my favor but alas.....less than 1 year to ownership the aircon broke down, took 1 month before it got fixed. Soon after the 3 year warranty expired, the engine failed (ecoboom!) and we were not able to use the car for 7-8 MONTHS!!!!. Sold it right away after. Never again.

    1. Had ford focus ecoboost engine issues as well a month the warranty expired with 23k mileage. It was in the dealership for 3 months. Other than that,minor issues same as with our other jap cars.

      The escape and ranger we used to own were built like tanks.

      I guess all brands have lemon units. A friend who bought a fortune had engine issues 2 weeks after release. Was in the shop for 1.5months. But toyota was descent to issue him a service unit.

    2. Hi Tops. Thanks for sharing. It's good that you had good experience with your escape and ranger. Money we spend on cars and ownership is no joke.

      While generally I agree that car brands may have lemon units, Ford has this reputation as a BRAND that its products are unreliable. Like the case of their powershift transmission (dual-clutch) and ecoboost engines.

      As for the powershift transmission, FORD actually knew from the start and still they went ahead: (there Uly, I referenced your own article =)

      What does it say to Ford as a Brand/Company?. You won't just avoid cars equipped with powershift (i.e. fiesta, escape, ecosport) or ecoboost (i.e. Focus, Mustang, Explorer). Funny I've already enumerated most of Ford's recent products =).

      I will never bet my money on Ford ever again, even on a steeply discounted used one.

    3. I get you. Never really liked their dual clutch. Friends had a horrible time with their ecosport.

      That's why I got the mk3.5 as it has a traditional tranny. Just didn't expect my ecoboost engine to blowby that soon (buti relatively cheap to fix) as other friends with ecoboost (mustang and explorer) didn't have issues.

      I guess long time users lang kami ng ford - my dad had a cortina when I was young.

      My 2008 escape never gave me problems. Yung airbag indicator lang due to a loose wiring under the seat. I guess it's because it had none of the powershit (pun intended) and ecoboost. :)

    4. @RG weh di nga? you didn't even mention what Ford model you had. that is, if you really had one. I think you just copy pasted problems you read on the internet forums or something.

      @Tops blowby is normal on GDI turbo engines. hell even the civic with the 1.5L have blowby and oil dilution problems.

    5. @Anon 4:49 would you consider blowby normal ownership costs immediately after 3rd year?

      @Tops - not cheap for me, had to replace the engine block 😅

    6. you still didn't answer what Ford you had. why are you deliberately withholding information? maybe because you never had one?

    7. every car has blowby to some degree. its just inherently aggravated by engines with turbo GDI. its not just limited to ford's ecoboost. other brands have it too. look it up.

    8. After just 3rd year though?

    9. why are you obsessing with that? I already said look it up. other brands have it worse. for example, subaru's been historically blowing engines, I don't see you whining about it in subaru articles.

      you still haven't told us what ford you "owned" by the way.

    10. Let it go and keep it chill dude. Usapang ford reliability lang ang topic hehe.

    11. so are you going to tell us what ford you supposedly owned?

    12. RG - top overhaul. Still painful but definitely cheaper than getting a new engine block.

      @anon - yun nga sabi nila. GDI with turbo is prone to that. A friend who has a ship advised me not to use blaze. Baka daw too that correct?

    13. Hi Tops - I hope my case won't happen to you hehe.

      For what its worth, for me, the MK3.5 Hatchback is the best looking compact car on the road right now. And I recall, according to this site, it feels quicker than the previous civic rs.

      Enjoy your car mate.

    14. @Tops keep using blaze. high octane gas is good for turbocharged engines since they are more susceptible to pre-ignition.

      @RG I've asked multiple times the simple question what was your ford. you refused to answer. typical behavior for someone who is lying. therefore I sincerely doubt you owned one. which pretty much confirms what the others said, the ones that whines about ford's reliability aren't even owners themselves.

    15. Dude, just let it go. Not worth the stress ☺️

    16. This RG guy likes trashy cars. Imagine, he chooses a corolla over a civic because of how the corolla looks. This guy is illogical, don't argue with him.

    17. Aaawwww. Another fan ☺️

    18. You guys need to chill. I couldn't care less how you attack RG here. RG in this forum has no feelings.

      Now back to my points - FORD is an unreliable brand coupled with local after sales support that sucks balls. Now argue on these ☺️

  9. Ang hirap talaga malaman kung alin ang matibay at alin ang hindi.

    Mai-share ko lang kasi nakita ko:
    Ang Wigo ng kapatid ko, 4+ years na, pero never p siya binigyan ng sakit ng ulo. Maintenance lng, hindi nasisira. Sorry hindi ko alam ang mileage, pero kung saan-saan n din niya naidrive iyon (NCR and CALABARZON).

    Napansin ko, very maligned ang Wigo s ilang napanood ko n videos. Pero dahil sa sasakyan ng bro ko, napatunayan ko matibay nga pala siya.


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