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April 28, 2022

BMW Philippines Brings In All-Electric iX For P 6.290M (w/ Specs)

For the first time, SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp., the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, is making its move towards an electrified future in the country with the launch the BMW iX. The BMW Group’s new technology flagship combines locally emission-free driving pleasure, sporting agility and a compelling operating range with a character profile dedicated squarely to sustainability.

With its trailblazing design and an interior devoted to luxurious spaciousness, the BMW iX embodies a fresh new take on the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept. Conceived from the outset for purely electric mobility, this model is based on a new toolkit for the future, whose vast potential for innovations in the areas of automated driving, operation, and connectivity translates into a premium mobility experience unparalleled in this segment.

The model comes in a single variant, The BMW iX xDrive40. It is being offered for pre-orders at an introductory price of P 6,290,000, and delivery will commence once available. Every purchase of the BMW iX also comes with a wall box charger that will be installed by BMW i partners in the customer’s home, 5-year BMW factory warranty, 8-year high-voltage battery warranty, and 6-year BMW Service Inclusive warranty.

The body structure, design principle and chassis tuning of the BMW iX are perfectly geared to blending superb ride comfort with sporty handling characteristics. The aluminum spaceframe construction and the Carbon Cage’s use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the roof and at the sides and rear result in an intelligent material mix that increases rigidity at the same time as minimizing weight. The optimized aerodynamic properties that contribute to the car’s drag coefficient of just 0.25 also have a positive impact on efficiency and range of 372 kilometers.

The high-voltage battery located low down in the car’s underbody lowers the center of gravity, combining with the even weight distribution to make handling more nimble. Thanks to its well-balanced driving characteristics, the BMW iX feels solid and comfortable out on the road, yet also exudes fleet-footed agility.

The standard chassis technology for the BMW iX comprises a double-wishbone front axle, five-link rear axle, lift-related dampers and an electric steering system with Servotronic function and a variable ratio.

The electric all-wheel-drive system in the BMW iX transmits exactly the right amount of drive torque to the front and rear wheels in all driving situations. Its intelligent control enables fully variable power transmission ranging from highly efficient pure rear-wheel drive through to an all-wheel-drive set-up that maximizes traction.

The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology fitted in the BMW iX is centered around a drive unit which brings together the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission within a single housing. This highly integrated electric drive system topology has a beneficial effect on both power density and efficiency, at the same time as making highly economical use of the installation space in the area between the front and rear axle.

Both motors in the BMW iX work according to the principle of an electrically excited synchronous motor, where the excitation of the rotor is induced by the feed-in of electrical energy rather than fixed permanent magnets. This enables them to put their maximum torque on tap immediately on pulling away and maintain it over an extremely broad rev band. The BMW iX xDrive40 has a maximum output of 326 horsepower and torque peaks at 630 Nm.

The new technology toolkit in the BMW iX offers considerable potential for driving forward the development of automated driving and parking functions, with the prospect of Level 3 functionality in the medium term. A new generation of sensors, a new software stack and a powerful computing platform provide the basis for exceptional intelligence. Five cameras, five radar sensors and 12 ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings.

The BMW iX comes equipped with the most extensive set of standard driver assistance systems ever seen on a BMW along with a wealth of innovations. The front collision warning system, for instance, now detects oncoming traffic when turning left (in countries where vehicles drive on the right) as well as cyclists and pedestrians when turning right. The Cruise Control with Braking Function comes standard and offers enhanced situational distance adjustment. The exit warning function, which alerts to the presence of cyclists or pedestrians in the surrounding area before the doors are opened, and the Remote Theft Recorder are both new features. Also to be found on the standard equipment list for the BMW iX is the Parking Assistant including Reversing Assist Camera and the Reversing Assistant.

The pioneering character of the BMW iX also clearly shines through in its exterior design. The clearly structured, reduced design language, the body’s imposing styling with muscular SAV proportions and the precisely crafted details create an aura of progressive luxury.

Standout exterior features include the almost completely blanked-off BMW kidney grille, whose surface is the product of innovative manufacturing techniques and incorporates camera and radar sensors. LED headlights with High Beam Assistant and 21-inch Aerodynamic wheels 1010 bicolour 3D polished finish complete the visual and functional appeal of the iX.

The BMW iX has been rigorously designed from the inside out. Its interior has been created to provide quality of life and personal well-being.

A grand entry to the BMW iX xDrive40 begins with the ever-reliable Comfort Access System coupled with the Soft Close function for the doors. Seats in Highlight Olive-tanned Natural Leather, Ambient Light Package, and Automatic 4-zone air-conditioning greet the driver and passengers.

Vast amounts of room and newly developed seats with integral head restraints set the tone for the luxurious ambience. The control panel with feeler bars and active haptic input as well as a rocker switch for gear selection adds some very modern flourishes.

The automatic climate control system in the BMW iX comes with a nanofiber filter to purify the air and new touchscreen controls. The system intelligently combines interior ventilation and surface, seat and steering wheel heating to maximize the occupants’ sense of well-being. The Harman Kardon surround sound system is integrated out of sight in the head restraints and a 4D Audio function using bass shakers in the front seats promises the ultimate sound experience.

But, the most exciting interior feature comes in the form of the new generation of the iDrive display and operating system, which is making its debut in the BMW iX and expands the interaction between driver and vehicle. It is based on the BMW Live Cockpit Professional running on the new BMW Operating System 8 and was designed with a clear focus on the touchscreen operation of the BMW Curved Display and on verbal communication with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which has also undergone an extensive upgrade.

The BMW Curved Display is a fully digital display grouping formed by a 12.3-inch information display and a control display with a screen diagonal of 14.9 inches housed together behind a glass surface that is angled towards the driver. This can be best enjoyed with maximized connectivity and entertainment opportunities through Smartphone Integration, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and standard storage for wireless charging.

The BMW iX also features a specially composed drive sound, which adds to the thrill of the driving experience by providing authentic feedback in response to accelerator movements and speed. The BMW IconicSounds Electric function included as standard also allows new sound variants from a collaboration with film score composer Hans Zimmer to be added to the acoustic repertoire.

“This is the perfect time to introduce such a groundbreaking model to the Filipino market. The iX represents everything that BMW is and will be in premium automotive design, performance, and overall desirability. While we are making this model available for pre-orders – starting today – our bigger responsibilities lie ahead. And, that is to ensure every Filipino is fully educated about electric mobility and the infrastructure we have in place becomes more accessible. This is something very special to us as a brand and a member of the San Miguel Group whose efforts towards sustainability in the Philippines have been truly inspiring,” says SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. President Spencer Yu.

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