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April 20, 2022

ACDelco Provides Maintenance, Replacement Parts For Majority Of Car Brands In The Philippines

From being a part of General Motors’ Parts and Services division, ACDelco now offers a wide range of products manufactured for all automotive brands around the world.

ACDelco has gone from being an Original Equipment for Manufacturer (OEM) supplier to offering maintenance and replacement parts for a large number of Asian, European, and American automotive brands. Such product line has grown to include automotive maintenance and replacement parts for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. These products include lubricants, batteries, chemicals and car cleaners, wiper blades, filters, fluids, maintenance spare parts, and of course, sparkplugs.

While this line-up may look extensive, ACDelco continues to focus on product innovation with new technology always mind. For instance, it has recently introduced brake system maintenance parts that have been engineered and tested to provide confidence and safety for a wide variety of makes and models available in the Philippine market.

Throughout its more than 100-year history, ACDelco has kept several things constant. These are the automotive components that were crafted and engineered for durability and dependability, plus, maintain a very competitive price point. What’s more, each ACDelco product is manufactured conforming to the most stringent standards set by the automotive brands. This translates to automotive parts that last longer, will withstand long hours of use and abuse, and offer more cost efficient vehicle maintenance.

“The ACDelco product line has truly grown over the years. From spark plugs, it now encompasses a wide range of maintenance and replacement parts that offer confidence and peace of mind, catering to just about every automotive nameplate,” says Dicken Wong, Vice President of Thunder Automotive Parts, Inc., the Philippine distributor of ACDelco. “And the brand is committed to its dealer and distributor partners and the motoring public who can expect numerous innovations to meet just about every automotive need in the years to come,” Wong adds.

Get peace of mind and value for money for thousands of kilometers with ACDelco maintenance and replacement parts.

Know more about ACDelco Philippines here.

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