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April 15, 2022

Honda Confirms All-New CR-V Arriving In 2022

Honda has confirmed that the all-new sixth-generation CR-V is launching this year. The Japanese carmaker itself has confirmed the timing after announcing plans to increase the sales volume of hybrid versions of its core models in the U.S.

Plans are underway to increase the sales volume of its hybrid core models by 50 percent in the U.S. Honda considers this as a “critical pathway” towards Honda’s vision for zero-emissions vehicle sales by 2040.

Honda has confirmed that the 2023 CR-V will arrive with a hybrid powertrain. It will be followed by what could be a refresh of its Accord. The Civic will be the last core model to receive an electrified powertrain in the U.S. despite seeing the e:HEV variant just being launched for Europe and Japan. In order to make room for their hybrid plans, the carmaker will end production of its Insight by June.

Moving back to the 2023 CR-V, Honda hasn’t released much in terms of official detail save for the confirmation of the hybrid powertrain. However, a leaked patent image reveals that it will stay on an evolutionary course in terms of design. The image shows slimmer headlights and a larger, more upright grille. A wing-like accent then runs through the entire front-end visually connecting the different elements. At the back, it looks like Honda will retain the L-shaped taillights design.

With Honda confirming that the CR-V will be offered with an electrified powertrain, the safe bet would be that it will share the Civic Hybrid’s e:HEV engine that’s good for 183 horsepower and 315 Nm of torque. It will also likely get a more powerful plug-in hybrid variant as well. As for non-electrified engines, it’s almost certain that it will get an improved version of the Civic’s 1.5-liter engine.


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