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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Is Toyota Motor PH Teasing The All-New 2022 Veloz?

Stealing thunder from its key brand competitors just days before a much-awaited product launch is becoming the norm over at Toyota Motor Philippines.

As they have with the local launch of the Raize and Avanza (which stole the limelight from the Geely Emgrand and Mitsubishi Xpander respectively), the carmaker is at it again and this time they’re teasing the “newest member of its compact SUV line-up” just two days before the launch of the all-new Honda HR-V.

So far, Toyota Motor Philippines has yet to provide any official info on what this new compact SUV could be, but a quick photo shop of the teaser video (see below) reveals the all-new Veloz’s silhouette. A front shot of the Indonesian market Veloz is shown side-by-side for reference.

If it is indeed the all-new Veloz, it confirms two things.

First is that Toyota Motor Philippines will spin off the Veloz as a model separate from the Avanza; a move that’s very similar to the Avanza/Veloz’s home market of Indonesia. This could give Toyota more leeway to price and position the Veloz in the marketplace, perhaps in an “interlocking” strategy with the Avanza. Moreover, with the Avanza lacking features such as Toyota Safety Sense, the carmaker could use the Veloz as a platform to introduce the said tech into this segment.

Second, by calling the Veloz as a “compact SUV,” it could mean the end for the Rush which is supposed to be positioned as their 7-seater small SUV. With the Rush now long-in-the-tooth, this is perhaps an ingenious way for Toyota to counter the arrival of the all-new Honda BR-V and the refreshed Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. Again, looking at the Indonesian market, the Rush is still available albeit the variants have been significantly trimmed down to just two, including a GR Sport variant.

The whispers over at Toyota Motor Philippines has the all-new Veloz’s retail launch on April 22, 2022. It is said to also come in two variants: the G and V (no Q), and it will come in four colors: White Pearl, Dark Red, Black Mica, and Purplish Silver

If this is true, then the wait won’t be long for this new so-called compact SUV.


  1. TMP is relentless.
    But personally, if budget permits, I'll go for the Peugeot 2008 and Changan CS35 (for 5-seater choices) and the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro (for 7-seater choices).

    1. Yeah. If the shady business tactics of Changan PH is okay to you, and if your definition of "if budget permits" mean bleeding your pockets dry in aftersales, then go for it.

  2. Does anyone out their have initial price estimates of the veloz?

    I am torn on either waiting for the veloz or going right ahead to the raize turbo.

    If the Philippine Spec will be the same as the Indonesian-spec which have Toyota Safety Sense and the creature comforts such as all-round view monitor, wireless charger, etc. at a price within 100,000-150,000 pesos above Toyota Raize Turbo, I think the Veloz would be a definite bargain to choose.

    Hoping that it will quickly come soon (1H of 2022) and a price that is not too expensive.

  3. New-gen Veloz is still marketed as MPV in Indonesia and Thailand while the word Cross is appended in the Vietnam version. Toyota Avanza stealing the limelight from Mitsubishi Xpander seems like an unfair accusation since facelifted Xpander will be available in May, while new gen Avanza are already seen on the road. It looks more like Mitsubishi stealing the limelight from Toyota

  4. Seems a little bit disingenuous on the part of TMP dubbing the Veloz a compact SUV. Hoping this doesn't spell the end for the Rush, which I think should have a new generation that looks like an extended Raize.

  5. This or the non-turbo hrv?

    1. Both vehicles cater to different types of buyers tbh. Those looking for the HR-V are more likely to cross-shop the Corolla Cross, while prospective Veloz buyers are more likely to look at the likes of the XL-7, Xpander Cross, and maybe even the Geely Okavango :)

    2. This. Totally agree with your assessment kramark.


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