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April 28, 2022

Toyota Details The Work That Went Into The Manual Transmission-Equipped GR Supra For 2023

After confirming it just a couple of weeks back, Toyota has finally released more details about the manual transmission-equipped GR Supra.

Listening to fans who clamored for a three-pedal version of Toyota’s sportscar, the Japanese carmaker has built and engineered a 6-speed manual that suits the power and torque characteristics of its twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 engine.

They modified the existing transmission housing, driveshaft and gear set, and remove elements that were not required, such as the acoustic package, which further reduced weight. At the heart of the transmission is a newly-engineered clutch with a larger diameter and reinforced diaphragm spring. With a larger friction area and a stronger spring, this new component has the high-performance capability appropriate for use with the GR Supra’s high-torque engine.

To avoid a sluggish take-off and a low in-gear acceleration feel, the final drive ratio has been shortened, from 3.15 (in the GR Supra automatic) to 3.46. Moreover, it has the Intelligent Manual Transmission or iMT. This enables for optimal computer-controlled engine speed matched to the driver's clutch and shifting operations, and for automatic throttle blipping when shifting. It can also be turned off completely if the driver wishes.

Equipping the GR Supra with a manual shifter wasn’t simply the case of changing one shift lever for another. Consideration was made for its optimal placement for precise and rewarding gear changes. To achieve the perfect ergonomics, the console unit and the control for drive mode selection have been redesigned. In addition, the lever ratio has been changed and the effort required to make shifts and engage reverse gear has been adjusted.

The feel of the gear shift in the hand and the weight of operation are part of the human sensory connection with the car, so attention has been paid to the weight and shape of the gear knob and the quality of shift engagement. As a result, Toyota adjusted the effort level to engage reverse and opted for a heavier gear knob (200 g) for a more pleasing effect when used.

Driving purity aside, the 6-speed manual also helps the GR Supra shave some 40 kilograms of weight. Furthermore, newly-designed 19-inch forged wheels reduce around 1.2 kilograms of weight per wheel.

Along with the availability of a manual gearbox, Toyota also re-tuned the GR Supra’s suspension with the use of more rigid vulcanized rubber in the front and rear anti-roll bar bushes and revised shock absorbers. The mechanical components in the electric power steering and the system’s operating parameters have also been re-tuned.

Plus, the Vehicle Stability Control now adapts an anti-roll program (ARP) to counter sudden “snap-off” oversteer. The Track mode has also been tuned to allow for easy drifting with freedom of throttle control. The vehicle remains agile, but the there is less risk of spinning thanks to specific engine and torque control.

Other changes for 2023 include three new exterior colors: Volcanic Ash Gray Metallic, Dawn Blue Metallic, Avalanche White Metallic (limited quality), a new tan interior that replaces the red-colored one, and an optimization of the JBL sound system.

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