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August 25, 2022

10 Reasons Why The Hyundai HD45 GT And HD78GT Could Be A Worthwhile Investment

Moving a business requires durable and quality transport if you want to secure your bottom line from incurring unnecessary expenses, like untimely downtime that usually leads to unwanted vehicle repairs.

So when it comes to choosing the right truck to move your goods and cargo, it pays to know more. Hyundai Trucks and Buses Philippines is here to help you choose by counting the advantages of their new HD series trucks: the HD45 GT and HD78 GT.

#1. 2.9-liter turbocharged CRDi diesel engine

It may look lightweight but its power is more than meets the eye. This capable engine is matched to the overall performance of the HD45 GT and HD78 GT to yield the right power-to-weight ratio that can keep your business moving reliably. The secret? Its turbocharging function which makes it capable of churning out the exact power and torque that a specific job requires: hauling, long-distance travel, or uphill driving with cargo in tow.

#2. Maximum power output of 160 horsepower

Want proof of this 2.9-liter engine’s performance? Check the numbers. It can generate a maximum of 160 horsepower, which is remarkable for an engine its size. Now that’s a reliable power-to-weight ratio that won’t leave your business hanging even in tough times.

#3. Maximum torque output of 392 Nm

The 2.9-liter Turbocharged CRDi diesel engine of the HD45 GT and HD78 GT delivers astounding 392 Nm of torque, which allows these light-duty trucks to take on heavy load without missing a beat when driving them uphill. Now that’s a lift in driving confidence, indeed.

#4. Fuel efficiency

In our penny-pinching times and with soaring fuel prices, the best bet is a truck that keeps your fuel expenses to a minimum. Thanks to the fuel efficient performance of Hyundai’s HD45 GT and HD78 GT, equipped with a lightweight 2.9-liter turbocharged CRDi diesel engine, you can achieve your desired mileage while reducing vehicle wear and tear--of course, factoring in road conditions and the practice of correct driving habits, which may also affect your fuel consumption.

#5. Flexible deck length options and generous payload capacities

Whatever your business may be, surely, there’s a Hyundai HD45 GT or HD78 GT that can meet your desired cargo carrying requirements.

The HD45 GT is available in medium wheelbase (MWB) that easily provides 12.87 feet of loading space and long wheelbase (LWB) option that gives you 14.69 feet in loading space. Those figures only reflect the cab to end-of-frame dimension; you can actually stretch the cargo deck length based on how you want to customize your HD45 GT. In terms of gross vehicle weight (GVW), the HD45 GT weighs in at a generous 4,490 kilograms, which is well within the truck ban limit, so you can keep moving goods and other services without worrying about truck ban schedule.

If you require even more space and carrying capacity for more demanding deliveries or jobs, the HD78 GT has got you covered. Three deck length options are available: the MWB option with 13.87 feet loading space; the LWB option with 17.15 feet loading space; and the extra-long wheelbase (ELWB) that affords you 18.58 feet of loading space. Like the HD45 GT, you can also stretch the cargo deck length to give you more loading space depending on how you would customize your HD78 GT truck. This durable truck’s GVW is 7,800 kilograms, giving you the heft and breadth that you need for bigger payload needs.

#6. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Hyundai understands that safety is of utmost priority in moving businesses, so you stay on top of your deliveries and jobs. Hyundai made the ABS standard in their newest additions to the HD series trucks. ABS is especially helpful when navigating slippery roads, as it helps the driver apply ample brake force while maintaining directional control of the vehicle.

#7. Power take-off (PTO)

PTO is important when performing tasks other than providing transportation for goods or materials by providing power to auxiliary equipment to perform work at the business site. The PTO device transfers power from the driveline to a secondary application, which may drive a hydraulic pump, generator, air compressor, pneumatic blower, or vacuum pump. Usually, PTOs don’t come standard in trucks but with the HD45 GT and HD78 GT, you don’t need to shell out an additional amount to install PTOs on your fleet.

#8. High-strength frame

When it comes to durability, the new HD series models are consistent with Hyundai’s commitment to quality, as they are made with a rigid, high-strength frame that can withstand heavy load and the rigors of frequent travel on varying road conditions.

#9. High-strength steel cab

It’s not just the chassis frame of the HD series that’s strong. Hyundai took the extra mile developing a high-strength steel cab for the safety of both driver and front passenger. This unique steel shell is not just highly resistant to rust; it also helps dissipate force in the event of an impact to minimize the risk of injury to occupants.

#10. Comfortable cabin

The HD45 GT and HD78 GT offer generous cab space with comfortable, ergonomic seats that can be adjusted for more relaxed trips, especially during long and tedious jobs, and storage for handy items like water bottles, maps, hand sanitizers, and other travel essentials. As for air conditioning, no need to install one here. This saves you the additional expense while keeping you and your staff happy and comfortable on the road.

Finally, both trucks also come with a 3-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty (whichever comes first), for flexible coverage that likewise helps you save on maintenance and parts purchase in the long run.

Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), formerly known as Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc., is the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles (CV) in the Philippines. Ably supported by its strong nationwide network of 16 CV dealerships, HARI is poised to tap into the huge potential of the Filipino CV market, from SMEs to large-scale commercial, industrial, and B2B accounts. 

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