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August 21, 2022

2023 Bentley Mulliner Batur Shows Off New Design Direction

Bentley is pivoting itself to creating a range of ultra-luxurious battery electric vehicles, and with that, comes a new design DNA. The limited-edition Bentley Mulliner Batur—while not fully electric, previews that new design language.

The latest project under Bentley’s in-house bespoke and coachbuilding division, Mulliner, it’s supervised by the Director of Design, Andreas Mindt and his team.

The design is potent, inspirational, and harmonious. Its “resting beast stance” is meant to convey its powerful form including a line that stretches from the hood all the way to the rest of the car. The Bentley grille itself has been modernized—made lower and more upright, while the headlights manage to retain its single large unit design.

The two-seat interior space can be tailored to customer’s specifications and can be converted in sustainable material including a natural fiber composite and an alternative suede-like material called Dinamica. Of course, low-carbon leather, sourced from Scotland or sustainable tannage leather from Italy are available too. Clients can choose between bright or dark treatments to the interior, while accents can be finished in titanium or even 3D-printed 18K gold.

Only 18 examples will be built (all are spoken for), and each one will be powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 making more than 740 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque. The W12 is paired with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission. Of course, the heightened engine performance will be matched to the most advanced Bentley chassis ever, with Speed-tuned air suspension, electric active anti-roll control, eLSD, four-wheel steering, and torque vectoring.

Each one will be designed collaboratively with each customer, guided by Mulliner’s in-house design team. Customers will be able to specify the color and finish of practically every surface of the Batur, to create a car as individual as they are. Each one will then be handcrafted over the course of several months in Mulliner’s workshop at Bentley’s carbon neutral factory in Crewe, England, with first deliveries expected in mid-2023.


  1. If it's still possible to sell a W12 engine, then why are a lot of manufacturers not building V6 anymore?

    1. Europe's tightening emission regulations mean practically the end of internal combustion engines. Bentley's move to EV is pretty much dictated by that fact.

    2. The sound of ICE cars will surely be missed. Also the manual transmission. Makes me wonder if AI can replicate the fun of driving mechanical cars.


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