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August 23, 2022

Ford's High-Resolution Headlights Could Double As Heads-Up Displays

Head-up displays have for some time enabled drivers to stay focused on the way ahead. But now Ford engineers are trialing new headlight technology that could help ensure those behind the wheel literally keep their eyes on the road.

The new technology can project directions, speed limits, or weather information onto the road so the driver’s gaze can remain fixed on the way ahead.

Night-time can be riskier for driving. In the UK for example, 40 percent of collisions happen in darkness, even though there are far fewer people driving than in the daytime. This risk is increased whenever a driver takes their eyes off the road. A vehicle travelling at 90 km/h covers 25 meters per second, meaning even a short glance at the navigation on the in-car screen can result in “driving blind” for ten meters or more. On an unlit road, this could potentially mean missing an important sign or a bend in the road.

Projecting information onto the road using high-resolution headlights could benefit other road users too. For example, a crosswalk could be projected onto the road, both for the view of the driver and the pedestrian, in situations where the existing road markings are faded or unclear. Other possibilities include showing a path for the driver to follow to ensure cyclists are passed at a safe distance.

The technology could provide the driver with information about changes in weather, such as snow falling, fog, slippery conditions, or an icy road ahead. Connecting the headlight to the navigation system could display upcoming turns, while the width of the vehicle could be projected onto the road, helping the driver to judge whether the vehicle will fit through a gap or into a parking space.

So far, the technology is being trialed and tested in controlled environments with the possibility of bringing them to production vehicles in the near future subject to the different legal regulations in different markets.

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