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August 8, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About The 2023 Nissan Kicks E-Power (w/ Specs)

After debuting its technology and its merits for everyday driving, Nissan Philippines has now revealed everything you need to know about its 100 percent electric-driven compact crossover, the 2023 Kicks e-Power.

Last time out, Nissan Philippines revealed the pricing and key spec differences between the three variants—the EL, VE, and VL. Now, it’s time to deep dive to every technical specification to see what sets these three variants apart.

2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Pricing
  • Kicks e-Power EL – P 1,209,000
  • Kicks e-Power VE – P 1,309,000
  • Kicks e-Power VL – P 1,509,000
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Engine / Transmission
  • e-Power Electric Motor Type: EM47 AC Synchronous Motor
  • Maximum Voltage: 349 V
  • Maximum Output: 136 PS
  • Maximum Torque: 280 Nm
  • High Voltage Battery Type: Lithium-Ion, 2.13 Kwh, 96 Battery Cells
  • Generator: 3-Cylinder DOHC 12-Valve CVTC (HR12DE)
  • Displacement: 1,198 cc
  • Fuel: Unleaded, 91 RON
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 41 L
  • Transmission: Automatic, Single Speed Gear Reduction w/ Cruise Control
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Dimensions & Weight
  • Overall Length: 4,300 mm
  • Overall Width: 1,960 mm
  • Overall Height: 1,615 mm
  • Curb Weight: 1,343 kg (EL), 1,349 kg (VE), 1,359 kg (VL)
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Cargo Space: 470 L (2nd Row Seats Up) / 835 L (2nd Row Seats Down)
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Chassis & Suspension
  • Front Suspension: Independent, MacPherson Strut
  • Rear Suspension: Torsion Beam w/ Stabilizer
  • Front Brakes: Ventilated Disc
  • Rear Brakes: Solid Disc
  • Tires & Wheels: 205/55R17 with 17-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Spare Tire: Tire Repair Kit
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Exterior Features
  • Full LED Headlamps
  • Follow-Me-Home and Auto Hazard Light Feature (EL, VE), Auto On/Off w/ Follow-Me-Home and Auto Hazard Light Feature (VL)
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • LED Front Fog Lamps (VL)
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Black Double V-Motion Grille
  • Body Colored Front & Rear Bumpers w/ Silver Color Undergarnish
  • Body Colored Side View Mirrors w/ Turn Signal Light, Auto Fold, Power Adjust
  • Body Colored Door Handles w/ i-Key Switch
  • Silver Roof Rails
  • 2-Speed + Variable Intermittent Front Wipers
  • Single Speed + Intermittent Rear Wipers
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Interior Features
  • Zero Gravity Front Seats w/ 6-Way Manual Adjust for Driver
  • 60/40 Split-Folding Rear Seat
  • Fabric Seat w/ Single Stitching (EL, VE), Genuine Leather w/ Double Stitching (VL)
  • Padded Leather Center Arm Rest w/ Storage Box
  • Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
  • Urethane Steering Wheel (EL), Leather Steering Wheel (VE, VL)
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • 7-inch TFT Display Meter w/ Drive Computer Display
  • Shift-By-Wire Electronic Gear Selector
  • Electronic Parking Brake w/ Auto Hold
  • Driver & Passenger Front Vanity Mirror w/ Ticket Holder
  • 12V Power Socket
  • USB Port Type A x 1, USB Port Type C x 1
  • Black Inside Door Handle (EL, VE), Chrome Inside Door Handle (VL)
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Comfort & Convenience Features
  • Power Windows w/ Driver’s Side One-Touch Auto Up/Down
  • Power Door Locks w/ Driver Side Door Lock/Unlock Switch
  • Intelligent Key System w/ Push Button Engine Start/Stop
  • Single-Zone Climate Control
  • Standard Audio w/ USB/Aux (EL), 8-inch Advanced Touchscreen Display Audio w/ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/USB/Bluetooth (VE, VL)
  • 4 Speakers (EL, VE), 6 Speakers (VL)
  • Shark Fin Antenna
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Safety Features
  • Airbags x 2 (EL), Airbags x 6 (VE, VL)
  • Front Seatbelts: 3-pt ELR w/ Pretensioner, Load Limiter, Height Adjust
  • Rear Seatbelts: ELR x 3
  • ABS with EBD, Brake Assist
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Rear Parking Sensors (VE, VL)
2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power Intelligent Mobility Features
  • Intelligent Around View Monitor w/ Moving Object Detection (VL)
  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (VE, VL)
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking (VE, VL)
  • Driver Attention Alert (VE, VL)
  • e-Pedal Step (Activated on Eco/Sport Mode)


  1. Replies
    1. Oo nga noh. Ano yan? Bakit ganyan kalaki?

    2. My hunch is that the width includes the side mirrors.

    3. Territory is 1936, bka 1960 talaga ang ekick

    4. That's based on the spec sheet given to us...we double/triple-checked it just to be sure. It's either a typo, or the width includes the side mirrors.

    5. Sir uly whats the advantage of ekick if any vs corolla cross hybrid n vs also to the fuel efficient hrv S? Baka dagdag gastos lang sa presyo and maintenance ang lithium battery.

    6. The main advantage of the Kicks e-Power is that power to the wheels is provided by the electric motor. This gives it an EV-like driving experience which means instant horsepower and instant torque. It's also quieter and smoother because it doesn't have a gearbox (it uses a single-gear transmission). It also happens to unlock EV-like driving modes like their so-called e-Pedal Step for brake regeneration.

      Nissan calls the e-Power an extension of their EV technology rather than an improvement over an internal combustion engine.

      According to them, the onboard lithium-ion battery is supposed to last the lifetime of the Kicks and because of the onboard controller, it reduces the number of charge cycles as much as possible (that's why it doesn't top up or deplete) unless you override it via an EV switch.

      It will definitely be more fuel efficient than the HR-V, and will likely be as fuel efficient as the Corolla Cross Hybrid.

    7. How long is the lifetime of the Kicks?

    8. Isn't it that the lithium-ion battery is superior to the NiMH that is still being used in the Corolla Cross?

    9. Yup. Lithium-ion is more energy-dense than NiMH. It's more expensive though.

    10. To: 中出し

      At least 10 years?

    11. So in about 10 years you're gonna need to shell out P300k for a battery on top of the parts for the sophisticated brake system. Noooice.

    12. Not a problem, Honda charges 300K for a replacement CVT once the warranty expires because it's unrepairable.

    13. In 10 years battery tech will become much more cheaper. Also 2Kw lithium batteries don't cost 300k even in today's market price. In 10 years that engine will still be running since it's always running at the most optimal revs only.

  2. Looks like Uly finally got a copy of the brochure or his NDA has been lifted ahead of the launch. Did you join the Bicol junket? One local auto vlogger from one of those noob channels already posted a short preview video from that trip, but it was sorely lacking in any insight, just typical first impressions blather.

    1. Trip was too long for my tastes. Plus, with the Kicks being an urban SUV, I'd rather take it around streets I'm familiar least I can have an apples-to-apples comparison with the Corolla Cross Hybrid.

      And yes, I managed to get hold of the spec sheet. I wasn't aware of any NDA for this one LOL.

    2. Haha nice, our agent sent us a PDF brochure ahead of the launch, I posted about it on the other article. Surprised about the lack of BSM on the VL & rear cam/backing sensors on the lower variants.

    3. Hahaha yeah. I guess they were targeting a particular price point.

  3. Taiwan Kicks model has 1760mm width. Corolla Cross is the best selling locally assembled crossover in Taiwan, 4K units sold vs Kicks with 1.2K units. JDM Kicks also has 1760mm width.

    1. The 1,760 mm width seems more plausible. Unless Nissan is officially counting the side mirrors in the width of the Kicks (which is weird).

  4. Would it be fair to compare the Kicks to Corolla Cross hybrid? They are of different breed. One runs on gasoline/electric while the other runs on electric thru gasoline.

    1. To see the advantages and dis anvantages of owning 1, also fuel efficiency and cost of ownership

    2. Nissan says they're going to announce an ownership program for the Kicks that lowers its maintenance cost versus Toyota hybrids / typical ICEs. Although you're still required to bring it in for service every 6 months, the pricing will be more competitive because the gas "generator" doesn't suffer from the same wear-and-tear as a typical engine does. They've yet to announce what this is though.

    3. I believe maintenance could be on the higher side vs. traditional ICE cars. And probably only casa knows how to fix this kind of car so they'll charge a premium.

  5. I'm buying one and so far it has been quite annoying talking to sales agents of Nissan, very frustrating experience compared to dealing with agents from Honda or Subaru. Super bastos yung kausap ko dun sa Nissan Manila Bay grabe.

    1. Kicks him/her then hahaha

    2. That's sad to hear. Perhaps you should try going to another Nissan dealership if you're not happy with Manila Bay.

    3. Go to Nissan Paranaque, super friendly and maasikaso yung staffs. Bought a car from them, 2x na ako nagpunta for regular maintenance and they have always been nice and attentive to me, always trying to meet or exceed my expectations, whenever I'm there.

  6. RIP 2008, which now costs 1.6m

    1. True. To think that they were able to sell the pre-facelift 3008 at 1.65M net of discount.

    2. RIP boy interior

    3. 2008 is a niche Euro SUV..RIP mo mukha mo 🤣

    4. @9:45. That was me. Bano ka talaga. Wala ka talaga naintindihan sa dami nating pinag usapan. B*b*. Sayang utak mo. Haha. Ano yan, display lang? Haha.

      Kuchi, just because its “euro” doesnt mean its “niche”. It will still compete against the japanese, koreans and chinese. Being “french” doesnt make you special. Lalo na kung 1.6m price mo.

    5. You’re special.

    6. Special child. 😂

    7. Same old “wala nako masabi so gawa na lang ako ulit bago issue sa kanya na hindi nman related sa topic”. Haha.

      Ikaw ata special, tumatawa mag isa. Haha and im not special, bano ka lang talaga. Haha. Tumanda paurong.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Needs a full test drive before I can pass a verdict.

  8. Noob question Sir Uly. The Kicks is an EV isn't it? But why there is an indicated fuel for it?

    1. It's 100 percent EV-driven meaning it uses the EV motor to drive the wheels. However, it has a small gas engine that acts as a generator.

    2. Therefore, it still needs to be filled with fuel so that the EV motor will work by means of the generator which is the gas engine?

    3. Mas lalong naging complicated

    4. It's not that complicated like Anon @12:58 PM thinks. There was an article already explaining paralell and series hybrid setups. It's not that complicated.

    5. It's not complicated at all. Think of the gas engine as a generator. It turns on when the battery gets depleted but it has no connection to the wheels. It's the EV motor that's connected to the wheels, and power is sourced from the small on-board battery. If the battery charge is depleted, the gas engine will directly generate electricity but that only powers the EV motor which in turn drives the wheels.

    6. Parallel Hybrids more complicated than the Series Hybrid. Series hybrid only have one drivetrain while the likes of Corolla Cross have can be powered by the engine and motor.

  9. Kicks has more powerful engine, better than the Corolla Cross hybrid.

    1. (Flooding in korea): experts - dont touch EV,s battery. ICE nlang muna ako for peace of mind.

  10. Nissan ph shod bring here d ICE kick to cater to those whom not yet ready to embrace the e revolution.

  11. Hi Uly,

    I want to switch to an electric car however our worries include:
    1) going thru floods given our road conditions where it suddenly floods - will the batteries break?
    2) cost of maintenance and spare parts availability - no idea.
    3) resale value - battery warranty expires in 5 yrs, what then? will the car still be bought?

    If they priced the car lower, I think people are going to make the switch to manage the concerns.


    1. Maybe u shod first switch to hybrid, infrastructure on our country are not yet ready for pure ev. Toyota has been making hybrid since 2000 starting wd prius. U shod Test drive d corolla cross hybrid GR

    2. It's dangerous to drive in floods. There are 2 air inlets (for cooling the battery) under the 2 front seats. Water can leak through the doors and quickly go through these air inlets. The owner's manual has warning that the battery can be damaged if water enter these air inlets.

  12. I believe EVs are less reliable than ICE cars in the long run. Yes, they have less moving parts but they're like computer on wheels. Once it breaks, it's like a disposable stuff. Resale value could also be less than ICE. The more you drive an EV, the smaller the tank becomes(battery degradation).

    1. You can say the same thing about any ICE car with an ECU. If you want a mechanically fixable car buy one made before the year 2000.

    2. Not quite. Auto shops can repair cars with ECU. But with an EV, I believe only the CASA knows how to fix them.

    3. Guess where they buy the replacement ECUs? I'm not talking about 2ndhand ones salvaged from accident vehicles.

  13. The price can be lower if only the gov't has the IRR for the new law favoring EVs & hybrids.

  14. Does LTO register Kicks as an EV and exempted from coding per the new EV law?

  15. Can anyone tell me where I can get a battery management computer for the kicks hybrid battery or have one repaired


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