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August 8, 2022

2023 Honda Jazz RS Offers More Torque Than A Civic RS Turbo

When the fourth-generation Honda Fit (global name Jazz) made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, its design wasn’t that well-received. Although some markets quickly implemented their own unique front fascia treatments, that became moot and academic for ASEAN, where it was discontinued in favor of the City Hatchback.

Still, for those following the progress of Honda’s feisty sub-compact hatchback, the Fit has just undergone its first refresh, and with it comes a new sporty variant: the Fit RS.

Before talking about the Fit RS itself, it’s important to note that all variants of the Fit benefit from a new grille. Not only does this align itself, design-wise, to the likes of the all-new Civic, but more importantly, it reduces the poked-in-the-ass look that people maligned the hatchback with in the first place.

Of course, the Fit RS goes further by getting the usual accruement of RS styling cues from the exclusive grille, bumpers, and spoiler. Inside, it adds a paddle shifter (officially called a deceleration selector because this is a hybrid) and a drive mode switch.

The Fit RS will come standard with a electrified 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine (e:HEV) which should give it a peak output of 109 horsepower and 253 Nm of torque. It should give it a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 9.4 seconds, and a fuel economy of up to 22.2 km/L.

Like most modern Honda offerings, the Fit will now come as standard with Honda SENSING.

The 2023 Fit RS is scheduled for a Japan market release sometime towards the end of the year. With the ASEAN market being served by the City Hatchback, there’s no chance of the Philippines seeing the new Fit here (the Thai plant stopped making it already). That said, its powertrain could make its way since it’s available in the region’s City e:HEV and City Hatchback e:HEV.


  1. Off topic sir uly. Saw an article or picture in yt posted spy shots of the nissan livinas', any idea? And also, websites, most yt channels and of the articles including yours said no xlt mt for the ph market but i saw a video all youtube "kotse skwela" with xlt mt price(2.9m i think) then "carviewph" launched a video reviewing xlt mt unit from ford sta. rosa. what's up with that?

    1. Livina will likely launch at the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) in September. They had to prioritize the Kicks e-Power first. It'll probably be joined by the new Nissan Z as well.

      As for the XLT MT, if you look at the official Ford website, there's no XLT MT:

      It's probably an XLS model that they mistakenly reviewed as an XLT?

    2. Shots were taken from batangas port carried by a truck. As for the xlt, you might wanna check it for yourself, it has xlt badge at the back, color blue in mt. Idk why ford ph did not even care to mention or it's just a limited edition idk.

  2. Seems local and regional Honda organizations are just following the mandate for product planning from HQ in that markets are differentiated by who gets the Jazz and who gets the City. Same with who gets e:HEV. It looks like we won’t be seeing either one for the foreseeable future so I’m glad Nissan is stepping in with their e-Power Kicks and possibly other e-Power vehicles down the road.

  3. Sir any news about hr-v rs hybrid, if it will come here?

  4. Will it be available in PH?


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