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October 24, 2019

Honda's CEO Explains the Rationale Behind the All-New Jazz's Styling

The styling of the all-new Jazz represents a dramatic design departure compared to Honda’s current efforts. And while some decry it as looking too cutesy, Honda’s own Representative Director and CEO Takahiro Hachigo explains the rationale behind the ahegao styling.

For those who’re not familiar, ahegao is a term for an “exaggerated facial expression during sex.” Please take our word for it because Googling it may result in some NSFW stuff.

Anyway, Hachigo-san explains:
“What we strive to do with this all-new Fit [Jazz] is to establish the standard for compact cars suited to this new era. We believe this car will be able to become an industry standard for the new era only if it can win admiration in the Japanese market where fulfilling customer needs for compact cars is especially difficult compared to other parts of the world. Based on this belief, we squarely and sincerely faced our customers in Japan and perfected this all-new Fit as a global model that Honda will propose from Japan to the rest of the world.”
In other words, the all-new Jazz embraces its Japanese styling and engineering and with that, Honda hopes to win more fans the world over. It actually makes sense given the first-generation Jazz was created first and foremost for the Japanese market. Since then, it’s enjoyed a high reputation as a sub-compact with outstanding packaging, fuel economy, driving performance, and design. Globally, the carmaker has already sold more than 7.5 million units.

Hachigo-san continues:
“We developed this vehicle not merely as a means of transportation for our customers. We strived for a vehicle which will become a part of our customers’ daily lives and make their daily lives more comfortable and enjoyable. This is a compact car for the new era, and this vehicle will set a new standard for Honda automobile development. 
Based on my experience with its driving performance as well as the visual and tactile quality, I have full confidence in this all-new Jazz.”
It’s clear that there’s no stronger stamp of confidence than Honda’s very own CEO saying that the all-new Jazz will be segment defining. At this point, all that’s left is to actually drive the darn thing and see for ourselves if this little Honda can encash all that design and engineering promise.

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