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October 6, 2019

Mitsubishi Combines SUV Design and Small Car Proportions in the Super Height K-Wagon Concept

Mitsubishi of late has always iterated that they’ll be focusing on two product segments: small cars and utility vehicles. Now, what if you combine the two? Well, that’s what the upcoming Super Height K-Wagon Concept is.

If having one outrageous concept car isn’t bonkers enough, Mitsubishi is combining kei car dimensions with “SUV-taste” design for their latest concept. Though no details have been revealed yet, it’s very clear from the teaser silhouette that it’ll be a tall riding thing. Still, it’s expected to fit into the mandatory kei car dimensions: 3,400 mm in length 1,480 mm in width, and 2,000 mm height. No word on the powertrain either, but it’s a safe bet that the Super Height K-Wagon will max out the regulations at 63 horsepower using a 660-cc engine. Oh, and since Mitsubishi manufactures its kei car for Nissan, a pure EV drivetrain is also likely just like the IMk Concept.

Despite its small size, Mitsubishi promises a “maximized living space” while a full range of safety features including forward collision mitigation braking and pedal misapplication mitigation. The carmaker is confident that it’ll meet the SAPO or Safety Support Car S classification.

Together with the MI-TECH Concept, Mitsubishi will be removing the shadows on the Super Height K-Wagon Concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

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