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October 9, 2019

The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado's Front-End is Basically All Grille

Chevrolet’s attempts to refresh their products in the ASEAN market seem to be limited to mere accessory jobs like the Colorado Trail Boss, Colorado High Country Storm, and the Trailblazer Phoenix. In the U.S. meanwhile, it gets an entirely new front-end that’s basically all grille.

From the 2021 model year onwards, Chevrolet wants to offer greater differentiation between Colorado trims and for that, they’ve opted for new center bars, lower fascia, and front skid plates for some trims and for the bad-ass ZR2, it gets the “flow-through” Chevrolet face. Chevrolet says not only is the new look more aggressive, but it also improves visibility. Aside from this, all Colorado models will get embossed “Chevrolet” lettering on their tailgates, replacing the traditional bowtie.

The Colorado lineup will now feature greater differentiation from trim to trim and the addition of the new “Sand Dune Metallic” exterior paint color option available on the Z71 and ZR2 models. All Colorado variants will also include revised front Chevy “bowtie” emblems and embossed “Chevrolet” tailgates in place of the traditional Chevy bowtie on the rear end of the vehicles.

Though Chevrolet has yet to mention may mechanical changes, one thing’s for certain: it’s making you wish the ASEAN models look more like their North American cousins.

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  1. Is this available in the Philippines? How much? Where can we order?


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