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October 7, 2019

Rally Driving Immersion Project Aims to Raise the Popularity of Rally Racing

Isuzu Philippines Corporation sponsored the Rally Driving Immersion Project or RDIP where motoring media personalities were able to get behind the wheel of a rally-prepped truck to experience the thrills of rally driving.

The project, in partnership with the Philippine Rally School (PRS) and the Philippine Rallycross Series (PHRX) held its second leg last October 5 where participants went through with formal training on rally driving techniques.

It was done at the rallycross facility of the Pradera Verde Estates in Lubao, Pampanga.

The PRS, with veteran rally drivers Jun Magno, Steve Acayan, and Denise Santos taught the basics of rally driving in a controlled dirt course. Among the basics learned included proper driving position, rally lines (late apex), braking, car control on loose surface, basic maneuvers, and driving on a skid pad.

The skills acquired from the Rally Clinic aims to provide motoring journalists with deeper know-how about car control which they can then relay to the cars they test for their respective publications.

Isuzu Philippines provided the reliable D-Max 3.0 4x4 A/T and mu-X 3.0 4x4 A/T for the RDIP. In their latest guise, these two offerings provide an ample 177 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque.
A brainchild of veteran motoring journalist Anjo Perez, the RDIP aims to help raise the popularity of the event rally racing through the experiential ride and drive event for the media.

“It is usually the motoring media who writes about these races and it would only be fitting for them to experience and know exactly what a rally driver experiences during a race,” Perez said. “Hopefully after undergoing the Rally Driving Immersion Project, it will enable the motoring journalists to convey first person experience of the events or situations that transpires during the event.

The RDIP is also supported by Black Rhino Wheels, Nitto Tires, PIAA, Sonax, CTEK, Ichiro Motor Oils, Wuerth Philippines, and Red Bull.

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