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October 11, 2019

Here's Hoping Toyota Will Adopt Force Blue As Their New Signature Color

There just aren’t enough cool blue cars on the road. While Subaru’s made it a point to make it their trademark hue, here’s hoping that potential-future parent company Toyota does the same with Force Blue.

Debuting first on the upcoming Mirai, it uses multiple layers giving it exceptional brightness and depth (sounds familiar)? Blue is rarely executed well but, in this case, it works well to accentuate Toyota’s second-generation fuel cell vehicle’s taut lines and 21-inch wheels.

More than just a new color, the all-new Mirai (scheduled for a Japan market launch in late 2020) will now swap its driven wheels from the front to the rear thanks to the TNGA platform. The migration to the new platform doesn’t just promise better driving dynamics, but it actually increases the seating capacity from four to five. New platform aside, Toyota’s also worked on improving the Mirai’s fuel cell powerplant giving it 30 percent better range than before.

More importantly, the space whale styling of the previous Mirai has also been abandoned for something more Lexus-y. In fact, squint and there are some similarities to the GR Supra here. Inside, there’s a low, expansive cockpit with a configuration that “embraces” the driver. A 12.3-inch screen serves as the infotainment system interface along with some-sort of touchpad-like system.
In 2014, Toyota launched the first hydrogen-powered production vehicle, the Mirai. It sure had some great potential, but was saddled with rather questionable styling. Toyota though has seemed to learn from it.

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