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October 25, 2019

You're Looking at Nissan's Next High-Performance Car

Nissan is showing off what high-performance EV motoring could possibly look like with the introduction of their first high-power, twin-motor all-wheel drive system.

Set to be introduced in the company’s next generation of EVs, it’s now being tested on a modified Leaf e+. Underneath, it gets an enhanced all-wheel drive system powered by front and rear high-power motors integrated with a Nissan developed chassis control technology.

Using separate front and rear electric motors, the powertrain generates around 308 horsepower of maximum power and 680 Nm of maximum torque. This output is complemented by the ultra-high-precision motor control provided by Nissan’s advanced EV technology which offers highly responsive, yet uncommonly smooth, acceleration.

In addition to optimizing front and rear torque allocation, the system applies independent brake control at each of the four wheels to maximize the cornering force generated by each tire. This lets drivers enjoy cornering that faithfully follows their intentions with minimal steering.

More than just performance, Nissan says this setup will provide better comfort as well. Vehicle pitch and dive are minimized by adding regenerative rear motor braking to the usual front motor regenerative braking. When slowing down on city streets, for example, this helps keep passengers from being shaken back and forth. This reduces the potential for motion sickness and related discomfort. Similarly, on rough, bumpy roads and when accelerating, motor control is optimized to maintain ride comfort by minimizing irregular movement.

With this technology, Nissan says their next-generation EVs will be a “true breakthrough” by achieving huge leaps in acceleration, cornering, and braking performance on par with the latest sportscars.

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