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October 20, 2019

Castrol Activ Provides 24/7 Motorcycle Engine Protection

Castrol Philippines launches a specially formulated motorcycle engine oil that provides maximum protection regardless of use: Castrol Activ.

“The number of motorcycle users in the Philippines has grown over the years, and we at Castrol, are fully committed to providing our consumers with more specialized products to suit their changing needs,” said Maria Tañada, Castrol Philippines Country Manager.

Thanks to improved Actibond molecules, Castrol Activ provides 24/7 protection across all three stages of the ride: startup, the ride itself, and engine switch off.

During startup, where most engine wear occurs, Castrol Activ lessens the risk of wear and tear of vital engine components by 75 percent. During the ride, the Actibond molecules fight against the buildup of deposits, promoting maximum engine cleanliness and reducing piston wear for a smoother running engine. Finally, as the engine is switched off, the Actibond molecules cling on to engine parts to protect from corrosion due to humidity.

Castrol Activ is tailored fit for the resilient Filipino rider, giving them the superior all-day engine protection they need, on and off the road.

“Inspired by the hardworking Filipino, Walang Bibitaw is our strongly held philosophy that drives us towards empowering riders with the means to protect what matters most. Whether they’re riding alone or with their loved ones, Castrol Activ is a reliable partner that ensures their motorcycle engine is always protected and ready for the road ahead,” said Tañada. “Today, riders can gain 24-hour maximum engine protection thanks to Castrol Activ’s improved Actibond formulation.”

According to the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association Inc., there were 1,580,926 units of motorcycles sold in 2018, a 21 percent increase from the 1.3 million units sold the previous year. The spike in numbers, combined with challenging road and environmental conditions that riders and their bikes face every day, calls for products that offer greater engine protection prompting Castrol Philippines to introduce Castrol Activ motorcycle engine lubricants into the country.

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