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October 24, 2019

Love or Hate It, the 2020 Honda Jazz Keeps Its One Trademark Feature

So far, internet opinion is split on the design of the all-new Honda Jazz. Some call it “cute”, while others denounce it as “too girly.” But while it’s still too early to judge it based on the court of public opinion, one thing is for certain: it’s still got one trademark feature that’s sure to please long-time Jazz owners.

Confirmed by Honda themselves, the all-new Jazz retains its lass-leading levels of interior space thanks to the positioning of the fuel tank in the center of the chassis beneath the front seats. More than that, the Jazz also retains its rear “Magic Seats” (ULTR in the Philippines) and this means the seats both fold flat or flip up in a 60/40 split adding seating flexibility.

For the front passengers, the Jazz now features body-stabilizing front seats with a mat-like structure for support. This replaces the previous spring setup to help prevent fatigue on long journeys. In addition, the rear seats themselves have also been improved with a thicker rear seat pad that provides greater comfort.

Now, for its home market of Japan, Honda has already said that the all-new Jazz will be available in five unique trims displaying unique characteristics. While some of these are decidedly very Japanese (the Home and Ness trims to name two), confirmed is that the crossover-inspired Crosstar will be available for global markets.

The Crosstar variant appeals to buyers who want a bit more crossover stle design. With that, it’s got a unique front grille design, water-resistant upholstery, integrated roof rails, and increased ride height.

Japan is the first market to receive the all-new Jazz (February 2020) while Europe will be next by the middle of 2020. With that, expect it to arrive in the ASEAN markets by the end of 2020 at the earliest.


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