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October 7, 2019

Isuzu Philippines is Discounting the mu-X Boondock by P 160K

The mu-X Boondock is fresh off the assembly line and Isuzu Philippines is already giving massive discounts on their limited edition 7-seater. Launched just last week (complete specs and brochure here), IPC is extending their “I Love Isuzu” promo for the mu-X Boondock as well.

With that, the limited 100-run mu-X Boondock can be yours for just P 1,685,000—that’s a P 160,000 discount over its P 1,845,000 suggested retail price! But here’s where things get interesting.

If you don’t want a trail-ready mu-X, there’s also the 3.0 LS-A Luxe Edition that nets you a P 180,000 discount. Since it’s got the same SRP as the mu-X Boondock (P 1,845,000), you can get the Red Spinel-hued mu-X for just P 1,665,000.

Whether you get the mu-X Boondock or the mu-X Luxe Edition, they sure sound like great value for money right now.

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