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November 3, 2023

Is Subaru Teasing The All-New 2025 Forester?

Is Subaru teasing the all-new 2025 Forester? That seems to be the case based on a teaser put out by the Japanese automaker.

Set for an LA Motor Show debut in a few weeks’ time, the “all-new, fully-redesigned vehicle” is officially unnamed by Subaru. However, checking up on their rather limited line-up, the Crosstrek (formerly known as Subaru XV), Outback, and Ascent were all updated in the past two years; this leaves the Forester as the most likely candidate (the current-generation “SK” was launched in 2018 and updated in 2022).

A look at Subaru’s teaser site reveals a video loop of forests coupled with the blurb, “There’s a new kind of legend just waiting to be discovered.” The Forester, being one of the oldest nameplates of the brand, fits the bill. Below, the carmaker also promises “new technology, upgraded safety, and more.”

Of course, Subaru’s keeping details close to its chest, but there are a couple of things we can expect. First, expect the platform—the Subaru Global Platform or SGP to be carried over from the current model, but getting tweaks (more structural adhesives, for instance) along the way. Also, expect it to gain better in-cabin tech like the portrait-style screen seen in other Subarus such as the Crosstrek, WRX, and Outback. Finally, the 2025 Forester will likely benefit from a more powerful version of its gasoline-electric hybrid e-Boxer engine.

Currently, the Forester does have the e-Boxer engine in Japan and this one pairs a 2.0-liter engine with 145 horsepower and 188 Nm to a 13.5-horsepower, 65 Nm electric motor. These numbers, while decent, aren’t big enough for the North American market. Thus, expect the new Forester to either gain a bigger combustion engine (likely the FB25 2.5-liter) or a more powerful traction motor. It could also be a combination of both. Subaru’s very own CEO said they will use Toyota’s strong hybrid technology starting 2025, and the Forester could be the first recipient.

As for a new Forester XT (aka turbocharged Forester), its return is another possibility. Subaru currently has two turbocharged engines to choose from—a 1.8-liter (CB18) used in the JDM Forester or a 2.4-liter (FA24DIT) used in the Outback XT and WRX.

Whatever the case, all eyes will be on the LA Motor Show mid-November.


  1. Had a 2013 Subaru XV, sold it less than 5 years later. Had to sell at a steep discount and amortized over 3 years just to get rid of that piece of crap. Lesson learned. Never buying a BaSuRa again.

    1. Curious what did you replace it with?

    2. 2020 Honda CR-V Diesel.

      My bad, it was a 2015 Subaru XV, not 2013 as stated in my earlier post.

    3. Di lang marunong mag alaga. Dami ako nakikita nag popost ng Subaru XV nila, sobra na 10 years tapos 200,000km sobra.

    4. Anon 8:42am - We had 6 cars at the time (7 currently), yung Subaru lang ang sirain. Siguro naman nasira lahat ng kotse namin kung hindi kami marunong mag alaga.

      For posterity, the oldest cars in our garage are a 2013 Toyota LC200 (64k+ kms) and a 2017 Toyota FJC (38k+ kms) na wala pa rin problema hanggang ngayon.

    5. Toyota still the BEST... simple, reliable, durable, easy to maintained. Most so called high tech cars today has too much not needed tech that easily breakdown and more annoying than helpful for driving, also an added cost to priced and costly to replaced after the warranty.

  2. Subaru needs to make their tech mote reliable. I have a friend who owns the current gen Forester. He's complaining a lot of warning signs are flashing up on his dashboard as well as sounds. He said it's irritating. Make it simple Subaru.

  3. Most likely with plasticity interior similar to the Crosstrek
    Exterior design of it is likely similar to the current one but with slightly rounder tones as the current one looks boxy.


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