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December 20, 2017

21 Photos of the 2018 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Motor Philippines capped off their 2017 with a small media luncheon where they announced certain milestones including one that says they’re surpassing their entire 2016 performance by November 2017. With this, the Japanese carmaker is poised to sell more than 145,000 units by the year end.

Though their growth (as is with the car industry as a whole) is attributed to the car buying public’s rush to escape the new vehicle excise tax, Toyota Motor Philippines says that their slew of new vehicle offerings and upgrades have also enabled them to maintain their strong position in the market.

Looking onward to 2018, Toyota unveiled the substantially refreshed Yaris—a car which delivers a fresh new style as well as additional convenience and safety features. In fact, in late breaking news, the ASEAN NCAP has awarded the 2018 Yaris a 5-Star rating under its 2017-2020 protocol garnering an overall score of 81.63 points.

More details about the Yaris’s aesthetic and mechanical changes can be read here, so instead here are 21 photos straight from the Yaris’s appearance at the annual Christmas luncheon.


  1. Altis-sy elements and safety features are a good move. Toyota finally smelled the competition. Really happy to hear that the entry level gets hill-hold with manual transmission. Looking forward to it when in the market again for a new car. (Hopefully the price will still be bearable when the tax increase takes effect)

    Is it me, or the face looks like a luchador's mask?

  2. No TFT gauges? Why they are still using monochrome?


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