Thursday, December 7, 2017

Nissan Philippines is Setting Sights on Grandia LXV with Urvan Premium S (w/ 9 Photos)

By launching the Urvan Premium (in both manual and automatic guise), Nissan Philippines finally has a wide-body, tall-roof van that can compete with the Hiace GL Grandia and Foton View Traveller. It afforded more luxury and space especially to private owners who may have found the NV350 Urvan a bit too cramped.

But typical in this segment ruled by more monied buyers, the Urvan Premium may not even be enough. Some individuals want more luxury, perhaps with more space and amenities than your average Urvan Premium. Enter the Urvan Premium S.

Shown at the sidelines of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility drive last week, the Urvan Premium S is still in the prototype stage. With a launch window sometime early to mid-2018, the Urvan Premium S will join the Urvan line-up by then as a dealer option. It’s the work of master customizer Atoy Llave.

Among the changes or modifications done to the Urvan Premium S include:
  • 15-inch alloy rims with thicker tires
  • Leather seats
  • Pioneer 2-DIN headunit
  • Blaupunkt headrest mounted monitors x 2
  • Blaupunkt dash cam
  • 9-seater configuration with 2 rows of sliding and reclining Captain’s Seats with arm rests
  • Re-done interior with overhead storage bins and floor lighting
Nissan Philippines has not finalized the specs or pricing for the Urvan Premium S yet, but it’s understood that Nissan Philippines is targeting the Grandia LXV in terms of pricing (roughly P 2,500,000).

With the amount of traffic Manila experiences every single day, the addition of the Urvan Premium S to Nissan’s line-up may seem like a godsend to a lot of potential owners out there.

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