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December 1, 2017

Waze Adds Motorcycle Option in Latest Version of App

There’s some good news for motorcycle riders relying on Waze: there’s now a custom setting just for you.

Rolling out in the latest update for both Android and iOS, the latest version of Waze allows motorcycle riders to get a more accurate picture of vehicular traffic that affects them. This allows them to navigate roads more safely and conveniently.

Aside from the usual standard Waze features including alerts on police, speed cameras and speed traps road closures, restrictions, and more, motorcycle riders also enjoy:
  • Improved routes based on information from fellow motorcyclists.
  • Better estimation of arrival times.
  • Routing on narrow roads where cars are not permitted.
  • New motorcycle cursor for vehicle type.
  • Easy navigation without the need to touch the phone thanks to voice commands.

To get this new motorcycle-centric feature, make sure to update to the latest version of Waze on Android and iOS. Then, go to Settings > Vehicle Type, and then tap “Motorcycles.”

Waze’s addition of motorcycles as a vehicle type follows the app maker’s decision to add “Taxi” as a vehicle type some years back.


  1. Does any road rule apply to motorcycles? I dont think they know what traffic light and "opposite lane" means.
    But I'm sure riding in tandem snatchers, hitman and non-plated ones would find this very handy.

    1. Yes, the same road rules apply. Stupidity and recklessness is not limited to riders tho, but I do agree that there are a lot because of the low cost of ownership. Gonna try the motorcycle option later and see what route options waze has.


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