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Friday, December 8, 2017

Will It Fit? Vans vs Mall Parking Vertical Clearances

So you’re heading out to the mall for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Oh, and you also happen to buy a brand-spanking new van too. The plan seems airtight until you realize: that tall-roof van of yours may not fit into the mall’s basement parking.

With more and more tall-roof vans out in the market, consider this a public service announcement that can save you potential public embarrassment and of course, a scrapped roof.

You can check the chart below for all the details, but here’s the gist: if you have a typical car, crossover, or SUV, you can pretty much park anywhere. If you just got a Toyota Hiace Grandia, Nissan Urvan, or their kind? Best leave that at home or bring a driver with you.

The information below was provided by the administration of the respective malls we have called. \

If you want to add/correct any information, feel free to drop a comment in the Comments section or contact us via email at the bottom of the page.


  1. Ooooppss.. Thanks Uly for bringing up this issue. We usually just look at the spec sheets and showroom display when deciding on these. Also can I ask kung Class B toll rate charge sa Grandia LXV?

  2. Sa SM City Cabanatuan Lower Ground Parking Ok naman mag park doon. Not Applicable for High Roof Vans: Hiace LXV, Starex Limo, Foton View High Roof, Foton Toano, etc. Pero sa Upper Ground Parking lang sila pwede mag park ng High Roof Vans.

  3. Thank you for this Uly.

  4. Hi Uly,

    Thanks for the comparison. Just would like to ask if you could add the Grand Starex. Its also quite popular locally.

    Thank you.

  5. do ford transit fitted to park in any malls in manila


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