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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Luxury Car

Making your dream car a reality is within reach but then, you pause and ask yourself, “What is luxury to me?” Is it the all the bells and whistles, the flashy look, or the hefty price tag? Or is it the feelings of simplicity, calm, comfort, control and security? How do you decide which one actually fits you and your lifestyle?

Leading trend agency, Kjaer Global, reports that consumers’ expectations and perceptions of what constitutes luxury is evolving rapidly than ever. It states that established luxury brands are facing the need to reinvent themselves in order to embody the modern interpretation of no-logo-luxury, which has seen sales of heavily branded mass manufactured goods drop in favor of more discreet branding and craftsmanship visible only to those ‘in-the-know’.

The report identifies several key trends that buyers keep in mind when purchasing luxury goods. This includes real-time innovation, constant access and connectivity, a growing appreciation for expertise and craftsmanship, authenticity and discovery – all connected to the search of a more fulfilling life experience.

With these key points in mind, you can now move on and start the search. Striving for getting the best bang for your buck, you should at least be able to make sure that this is a car designed around what you want and need. Here are some guidelines that may help you make the smart choice:

# 1. Do your homework

By getting as much information on the brand, make and model of the car you have in mind, you will be able to make more informed decisions. The best part is, doing this homework also includes taking test drives. Ask the sales adviser whatever questions you have regarding the ride and drive. This way, you’ll be able to cross items off your checklist.

#2. Feature perfect

Not all cars are created equal. Most luxury cars have additional features that add to creature comfort. See if the features that you need and want are available in the car that you are checking. This includes checking out its advanced safety features which may include a collision avoidance system, auto-steer functionality, or even allergy-tested interiors.

#3. Financial flexibility

You want the best value for money so you would also want to check the best financial arrangements with your dealership. Once you have decided on the specific make and model, be sure to find out what are the payment options they offer. Luxury car brands also offer a Trade-in and Trade-up program that allows you to trade in your current car for a new one at competitive rates.

#4. Personalized service

You should also take into consideration the maintenance and upkeep of your luxury vehicle. You would want to enjoy miles of safe and comfortable driving so choosing the right company that gives quality service is a must.

#5. Sustainability

Along with a great luxury car, comes great responsibility. As threats of global warming increases, you would want to do your part by being gentler to the environment. Choose a car that cares for the environment and the people in it. Check the car’s emissions, recyclability, and use of materials.

“Our role in society as Volvo stewards aim to contribute in protecting people and our planet by creating partnerships for sustainable development and promoting traffic safety. We also encourage responsible business practices throughout our value chain by promoting ethical leadership and human rights”, says Atty. Albert Arcilla, President and CEO of Volvo Philippines.

Choosing the right car is crucial. When you find yourself spending more time on the road, having a comfortable cabin will definitely spell a world of difference. With a car that is equally pleasing to the senses and gentle to the world around you, experiencing life’s little joys will always be pleasant memory.


  1. What a bull on the ethical leadership rhetoric atty. If you truly had one why didn't Chevrolet philippines made a recall on the TCM issues that plagued the cruze and instead had your customers fork out 100+k for the parts and labor?!? Chevy no more sir!

    1. Chevy is not a luxury brand. It's as mass-market as Toyota or Honda or VW.

  2. hopefully they don't screw up Volvo.. but the way the market receives the brand seems like they're not doing a good job either.. from pricing, to service, etc.


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