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December 12, 2017

Prevent Car Theft and Track Your Car with the Tramigo GPS System

Buying a brand-new car is one of the biggest investments anyone will make in their lifetime. And while the priorities usually lie in improving its looks or performance, one has also take into consideration its security. With car thefts on the rise especially during the “-Ber” months, it’s great to take that extra step. Enter Tramigo GPS Vehicle Security & Tracking.

Headquartered in Finland, Tramigo is one of the world’s best-selling vehicle trackers. It makes it possible for you to track your vehicle right from your smartphone even without internet access (it can use send text messages at select intervals). Plus, there are no monthly fees or contracts (except for normal operator fees for data or SMS usage).

Tramigo is easy to install and can be fully hidden. Just insert a SIM card and connect the Tramigo to the vehicle power and you’re ready to track. It can monitor a vehicle in real time detecting idling, speed, and other vehicle parameters. It prevents unauthorized trips and theft since it can “geofence” a vehicle. Plus, optional accessories such as a motion sensor can also alert you of unauthorized access.

Apart from theft prevention, Tramigo GPS can also be used to track vehicle assets. By monitoring driving habits, fleet managers can reduce fuel costs or even optimize their driver’s routes. The bundled software allows managers to access data such as current location, historical location, and route information all without a monthly service free.

Tramigo GPS is sold by L.A. Car Accessories. For more information, check out their Facebook page or contact them at 63 2 812 8366.

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