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December 21, 2017

Vespa Introduces 2018 GTS Family

Big, comfortable, welcoming and amazingly protective, the Vespa GTS combines the elegantly urban and city soul with the vocation to travel and tourism that the big Vespa have always embodied.

The Vespa GTS has always evolved along the path of tradition, striking a magic balance between tradition and modernity in the lines of the body, made strictly of steel. The Vespa GTS still preserves the characteristic and distinct traits of the large-body Vespa, but includes numerous and important stylistic updates.

The Vespa GTS has an ornamental, yet modern design on the front fender, front and rear turning lights characterized by transparent parts and by a rear optical group enriched by a chrome-plated frame, which repeats the motif of the crest on the front fender.

The most sporting of the Vespa range continuously evolves and hits new standards of safety, technology, comfort and attention to detail. All of the Vespa large body versions boast a spacious helmet compartment, a more comfortable seating position, and latest generation instrumentation.

The new series standard features a USB port, located inside the compartment of the leg shield, while the front turn lights house a series of LED that act as day running lights.

The perfect ergonomics and the natural seat position have always contributed to making every Vespa comfortable. The saddle of the Vespa GTS provides superior comfort, thanks to the specific padding and new upholstery. The under-saddle space makes optimum use of the available room and can accommodate two Vespa demi-jet helmets and more. The drawer in the leg shield back plate contributes to increase the load capacity of the new Vespa GTS. It is ideal to keep smaller items such as glasses, documents, and mobile phone at hand. There is also a handy bag hook, in the upper part of the leg shield back plate and a chrome-plated rear luggage rack.

The Vespa GTS features a modern and technologically advanced i-get engine with liquid cooling, electronic fuel injection, 4-valve timing, and, for the first time on a Vespa, the “Start and Stop” system.

The two classic engine sizes, the 125 and 150 cc feature longer service intervals. The lubricants’ filters are replaced every 10,000 km and the play of the valves is adjusted every 20,000 km.

Meanwhile, the Vespa GTS comes also with a 300 cc 4 valve, 4 stroke single cylinder Quasar engine with electronic injection, able to provide a maximum output of 15.6 kW (21.2 HP) at 7,750 rpm with maximum torque of 22 Nm at only 5,000 rpm.

The Piaggio Group is the first manufacturer to introduce scooter ASR electronic traction control (for the 300 version). The electronic control package is rounded-off by the ABS (for the whole GTS family).

The gritty GTS Super, immediately recognizable from its black rims with diamond-shaped finish and from the double-upholstered saddle with clasp, is available in four colors: Nero Vulcano, Rosso Matt, Monte Bianco, Verde Speranza (new color) on GTS125 and 150; and four colors: Monte Bianco, Grigio Titanio, Verde Speranza (new color), Giallo Gelosia (new color) on GTS 300.

These features are now standard on all models of the Vespa GTS line: remote opening of the saddle by remote control and the Bike Finder, very convenient to identify one's Vespa in a crowded car park, thanks to the flashing turn lights.

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