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November 4, 2019

6 Filipinos Drop Out as Subaru Palm Challenge Enters Third Day

Fatigue set in as the Last Palm Standing – Mediacorp Subaru Palm Challenge entered the third day in Singapore. A total of 55 individuals are still standing (as of 7 AM today), with 345 dropping out during the night of the second day.

As the ultimate test of endurance and wills hit the critical third day, 6 Filipinos are among those who dropped out, despite earning bonus 5-minute breaks thanks to an outpouring of support. Among the “casualties” are:
  • Donn Marc Pantaleon
  • Carlo Talahib
  • Isaah Locsin
  • Mark Guballa
  • Cyrus Corpuz
  • Lordgie Vallente
The four remaining Filipinos could use all the help they could get. Supporters can log onto this website and play an online game.

The highest scores will earn their chosen contestants an additional 5-minute break. A total of three 5-minute breaks is up for grabs: 10 AM, 4 PM, and 10 PM and scores are reset to zero after each Reward or Bonus Break is conducted. Enter the following contestant numbers:
  • Reggie Purugganan (050)
  • Nikko Paolo Blancada (024)
  • Filmark Bernante (046)
  • Joaquin Ireneo Fabros (055)
For as long as the four Filipinos hang on, the Philippines stands to win the Country Team Winner prize which will win the ten a cash prize of SGD 10,000 (~ P 372,000) divided equally.

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