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September 4, 2020

The Honda Odyssey Gets a Second Refresh for 2021

It’s hard to believe but the current Odyssey has been around since 2013. Launched in the Philippine market in 2015, it’s undergone one refresh to date. Well, better make that two because Honda’s executive MPV is getting yet another refresh for 2021, and this one will be the most substantial yet.

The updates are concentrated on the front where the 2021 Odyssey gets the new Honda family look. It appears more SUV-ish with its snub, upright nose and enlarged grille coupled with the new headlights and shapelier bumpers. The rear wasn’t shown in any official photos from the carmaker, but it’s understood that it’ll get a refresh there as well.

Inside, the Odyssey will get a substantially upgraded cabin. The entire top portion of the dash looks new and now incorporates a floating tablet style screen for the infotainment as well as a large slab of wood grain paneling on the passenger’s side.

Mechanically, the Odyssey will offer Honda’s two-motor hybrid system called e:HEV—also found in the CR-V and Accord. Moreover, it will get the first-ever gesture operated power sliding door.

The 2021 Odyssey will make it Japan debut later this year.


  1. I hope part of the refresh will be the installation of adaptive cruise control. The problem with Honda, they are pricey and yet accessories seem lacking , take for example BR-V, don't even have cruise control, whereas its competitors do have

  2. Even Toyota, we were loyalists before, but they offer less features even with a hefty price tag. I've driven a mitsubishi, they have all the techs, but they lack in the interior department, cant find the "premium feel" they advertise. Now i drive a Mazda, best features and interior feels premium, but the interior space is cramped.


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