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October 11, 2020

Honda Promises to Go Tough with Their Styling

Honda has had enough of being a Mr. Nice Guy. With the debut of its refreshed 2021 Ridgeline, the Japanese brand says they’ll be aligning their branding towards one of toughness and ruggedness.

The most immediate change is the replacement of Fred Savage (best known for The Wonder Years) for WWE superstar John Cena as the official voice of the Honda brand in the U.S. Cena will be lending his voice in all Honda marketing creatives be it for cars or light trucks.

While this ad campaign is directed solely for the U.S., this new shift towards ruggedness will have a longer lasting effect, and will be seen in the way Honda cars and commercial vehicles will be designed.

Starting with the Ridgeline, Honda will adopt a more aggressive, “tough truck” styling, particularly for its SUVs. This will start with the 7-seater Pilot and 5-seater Passport, but will also likely spread to the CR-V, HR-V, and any other future SUV in the pipeline.

It sure is a departure from the cutesy styling shown by the all-new Honda Jazz and Honda e, but according to the carmaker, it’s clear what buyers want in their SUV. This should serve as good news to those looking forward to the all-new Civic, especially if they feel like Honda’s lost their design mojo of late.

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