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July 15, 2021

Do You Drive Bare Foot? You're Not Alone

Do you drive using flip-flops or even bare footed? Then you’re not alone. A survey in the UK revealed that 54 percent of respondents stated they have opted for sandals, flip-flops, or even bare feet when driving.

Out of 1,496 surveyed, 42 percent have gone with sandals. In fact, sandals also emerged as a popular choice for 60 percent of women. Similarly, flip-flops, were called out by 20 percent of car users as footwear they’ve worn. Meanwhile, just over a fifth (21 percent) have done away completely with any form of foot covering.

Despite not being illegal, solely having bare feet on the pedals is discouraged by safety advocates due to individuals being unable to apply the same level of pressure on the brakes compared to when wearing shoes. In fact, those aged between 25 and 34 would be the most inclined to ditch any type of footwear when using a car.

When asked about what else they have previously furnished their feet with when driving, just under a third of survey respondents (31 percent) stated that they have picked hiking boots, which also turned out to be the most common choice amongst male respondents (37 percent). Furthermore, poll participants confirmed that they had driven in slippers (17 percent), wellington boots (14 percent), stilettos (14 percent) and crocs (9 percent). Sneakers, espadrilles, and even horse-riding boots have also made the grade for some drivers when questioned about what else they have previously reached for when getting in the car.

The wide-ranging footwear preferences of drivers echoes another key statistic from the poll, which is that just over half of UK car users (54 percent) grab whatever shoes they have to hand before getting behind the wheel. Around a quarter (26 percent) said that they select them based on the length of the journey ahead, with less than a fifth (15 percent) saying that they have specific driving shoes that are comfortable and safe to use.


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    1. Totally Agree. I have a control of not over pressing the brakes or the accelerator

  2. Barefoot driving is so dumb that people doing it should have their driving license revoked. In an emergency situation and in need to quickly get out of your vehicle, being barefooted is a danger. Just try to imagine it


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