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July 20, 2021

A Vast Majority Of Motorists Have Experienced Road Rage

A new study reveals that a vast majority of drivers have experienced road rage at some point. In a study commissioned by Citroen of 2,000 UK motorists in March, they found that 62 percent admit to having experienced road rage themselves, and 47 percent say they have been a victim of another drivers’ road rage.

The research found that being cut off on the road by other drivers is the main cause of road rage for almost 50 percent of drivers, while other traits which were found to commonly cause anger included being over-taken inappropriately (39 percent) and drivers failing to signal (37 percent). Check out the full breakdown:
  • Drivers cutting you off the road – 49 percent
  • Being overtaken inappropriately – 39 percent
  • Drivers failing to signal – 37 percent
  • Drivers in front stopping abruptly – 35 percent
  • Drivers using a mobile phone – 34 percent
Of course, city centers are the environment that drivers struggle to keep their cool in most, with 37 percent saying this was the setting that they found road rage occurred most commonly, whilst tackling roundabouts (29 percent) and driving on highways (25 percent) were also noted as regular hot spots for anger.

For those looking to vent their anger, beeping the horn is the way over half of drivers (55 percent) commonly express their irritation, while 51 percent admit to regularly turning to cursing or swearing at fellow drivers while experiencing road rage.

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