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July 15, 2021

Hyundai Trucks Can Now Transport Vaccines Thanks To Their New MedTRX Series

As the government’s vaccination rollout program gains more momentum across the country, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai trucks and buses in the Philippines, is determined to help accelerate this and encourage the business community to mobilize for recovery. Enter HARI’s vaccine transport solutions aimed at making vaccines and vaccine-administering-related activities accessible through secure and reliable mobility platforms. Meet their vaccine trucks branded as the Hyundai MedTRX Series.

Utilizing Hyundai’s truck platforms, and locally developed in partnership with accredited and established body builders, the Hyundai MedTRX (pronounced med trucks) Series is a fleet of refrigerated vans that can cater to local governments, health sectors, and cold chain solutions providers in need of transport solutions to fast track the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines as aligned with the government’s nationwide vaccination program.

Starting with two offerings from their HD line: the HD36L and HD65, the Hyundai MedTRX Series can deliver vaccines in various quantities.

For the HD36L MedTRX Refrigerated Van, Hyundai provides two choices. The first is the HD36L refrigerated van built with Cooltech by Centro. Its refrigerated van body has a sturdy fit and finish with stainless lock rod and hinges. The body is also designed with 4-inch polystyrene foam insulation to keep temperature cool, and uses the Thermal Master T-1600 refrigeration, which can produce attainable temperature of negative 20 degrees Celsius.

Next is the HD36L refrigerated van developed by HK Climate Controls Inc. (HKCCI). Its body is likewise durable and strong to capably deliver a huge load of vaccines and other medical supplies. Outside, it has stainless lock rod and hinges, as well as side door access for added convenience. On the inside, refrigeration system is powered by Frigid Air 45, with attainable temperature of negative 25 degrees and uses a 4-inch polyurethane foam insulation.

The same system is also used on the HD65 MedTRX. Its Frigid Air refrigeration system allows for attainable temperature of negative 25 degrees Celsius, and comes ready with Electric Standby Unit and Automated Thermoregister to help maintain and monitor the van’s temperature. With these features, the HD65 MedTRX refrigerated van complies with World Health Organization or WHO, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or US CDC, and United States Food and Drug Administration or US FDA guidelines, and WHO recommended vaccine storage temperature range of +10 degrees Celsius to negative 25 degrees Celsius.

The Hyundai HD36L and HD65 are just the first in a series of MedTRX refrigerated vans. Watch out for more trucks from HARI to expand the MedTRX line-up.

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