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July 24, 2021

Could Volkswagen Be Making This 300-Horsepower SUV?

How’s this for a tasty proposition? A 300-plus horsepower SUV from one of the more sensible car brands on the planet: Volkswagen.

Currently a concept for now, but with good production potential, Volkswagen took the 300-horsepower EA888 2.0-liter from a Mk7 Golf R and plopped it into the Atlas Cross Sport. Not satisfied with just an engine transplant, it also got a modified turbo and an additional front-mounted radiator.

All in all, it’s good for “more than 300 horsepower” and to put all that power to the ground, it uses a 7-speed dual clutch automatic and a 4Motion all-wheel drive. Other handling goodies include a lowered suspension via ST Suspension XTA Plus 3 coilovers, custom 285/35R22 wheels, and 8-piston Tarox front brakes.

The Atlas Cross itself is a five-seater mid-sized SUV derived from the 7-seater Atlas (aka Teramont). From there, it was transformed into the Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept. The China-assembled Teramont was one of the rumored models to be brought in by Volkswagen Philippines. Sadly, since 2019, the carmaker has been very quiet about its prospects.

Commuting all the performance enhancements, this special Atlas Cross is painted in Eisvogelblau (aka Kingfisher Blue). It then got a slew of official Volkswagen Accessories as well as Recaro Sportster CS seats for both row of passengers.

For now, it’s not known whether Volkswagen will earmark this high-performance SUV for production, but it will definitely tour in the USA (where it’s assembled). Given the extreme popularity of these go-fast grocery getters though, it’s just going to be a matter of when Volkswagen will produce it.

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