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July 15, 2021

Maxus PH Offers Zero Downpayment, Zero Cash Out On All Models

Maxus Philippines, a member of the Ayala Group of Companies (AC Motors), is making their entire line-up even easier to own this month.

In partnership with BPI Family Savings Bank, the commercial vehicle specialist is offering a first-of-its-kind financing offer with zero downpayment and zero cash out.

The Zero Cash Out program, which runs from July 1 to 31 only, is available for all of Maxus Philippines’ current models. Moreover, all applicable cash discounts will still be applied to further lower the SRP, thereby lowering the monthly amortization amounts. 

Since there is no actual downpayment to be paid to the dealer. Approved customers will be asked to execute a Hold-Out Agreement from BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank Account to fulfill the down payment requirement. Clients availing of the Zero Down Payment Promo will also enjoy the benefit of earning interest on their assigned account on hold. If they wish to terminate or withdraw their deposit on hold, they may do so after the 24th monthly payment as long as their auto loan account is updated and not in past due status.

Here are the following discounted prices and special promos on Maxus models:
  • The T60 pickup truck starts at P 948,000 (from P 998,000 SRP) at P23,682 monthly, with a BPI deposit amount as low as 20 percent downpayment;
  • The G50 MPV starts at P 1,068,000 (from P 1,088,000 SRP) at P26,679 monthly, with a BPI deposit amount as low as 20 percent downpayment;
  • The D60 SUV starts at P 1,118,000 (from P 1,148,000 SRP) at P27,928 monthly, with a BPI deposit amount as low as 20 percent downpayment;
  • The V80 van starts at P 1,430,000 (from P 1,570,000 SRP) at P 35,722 monthly, with a BPI deposit amount as low as 30 percent downpayment;
  • The G10 van starts at P 1,710,000 (from P 1,790,000 SRP) at P 42,716 monthly, with a BPI deposit amount as low as 20 percent downpayment.


  1. In KSA, many saudis that i knew buy Chinese brand of vehicles, not because of its reliability, but because its cheaper and disposable after it break down. Hahaha, i just laugh and laugh when i hear about it

  2. Yah not reliable at all...headache headache headache... n has a junk resale value. Bter add a few thousand psos n go for a battle tested jpnese brand.also jpnse brand has bter resale value.

  3. Hhmm, if you crunch the numbers:
    - 9.9% interest rate per year. Versus regular car loan rates of 6% for those with downpayment.
    - you pay interest for the full price of the car. Meaning you pay more in interest vs car with downpayment.

    Although advantage is zero cash out.

    Buyer need to think and hard before signing the dotted line...

    1. Good point. I think it's more of trying to cover possible defaults. Banks are so tight when it comes to lending nowadays.

  4. Yah d60 suv P1,118,000.00 : monthly 27,928 x 60 = 1,675,680. Hmmnn...after 5yers resale value maybe 400k. I think ac motors sould drop d low quality maxus n they should focus on adding volkzwagen delerships to reach mor ppol. After all vw = ppols car


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