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Friday, July 23, 2021

Nissan PH Finally Reveals The LEAF's Maintenance Costs

When Nissan Philippines launched the all-electric LEAF last May, we did some computations on whether it’ll save you money in the long run. You can check out the full story here, but at the time, we had to do some assumptions, chief among them was the maintenance cost.

At the time, Nissan Philippines didn’t divulge the running costs of the LEAF. Instead, they offered a comparative figure: 23 percent lower than a mid-sized car over a 5-year period. Today, Nissan gladly quantified the total running cost for the LEAF: P 55,312. Broken down further, it’s P 18,460 for labor and P 36,852 for parts and consumables.

That is about P 11,062.40 per year, compared to our initial computation of P 6,000 per year.

Nissan also put out a handy comparison next to a “petrol-powered c-segment vehicle.” Although the compact sedan is unnamed, they did specify a 1.6-liter engine with a 5-speed manual. Naturally, we thought of the Nissan Sylphy. Anyway, compared to the LEAF, here’s how much you’d spend on running the compact sedan over five years: P 71,946 of which P 11,826 is labor and P 60,120 is parts and consumables.

Based on this assumption, Nissan’s math does add up with the LEAF’s maintenance cost being 23.12 percent lower than a similarly-sized combustion-engined sedan. A big factor is lesser parts for the LEAF. In fact, the savings there alone is already 38.7 percent over 5 years. It’s also great for Nissan to be transparent to would-be LEAF Owners that they should expect a 35.93 percent jump in labor fees.

In addition to savings in maintenance cost, Nissan also touts that the LEAF costs just P 363.40 to charge. Take note though that these figures are based on a test run done by the Meralco Power Lab (by our computation, its’s about P 415.80—which is higher, but still cheaper than the P 2,000-plus for a full tank of gas).

The Nissan LEAF is now available in the Philippines for P 2,798,000 and is available at the following EV dealerships: Nissan Mantrade Makati, Nissan Otis, and Nissan Cebu South-V. Rama, Nissan Tagum, and Nissan Matina.


  1. I think range anxiety would still be a deterrent to most people.....

    I'd probably prefer the Outlander's not exactly pure electric, but it's close, and at only 200k more expensive the crossover now sounds more appealing than this :/

  2. Yeah I agree. The Mitsubishi Outlander is better than Nissan Leaf. The advantage it's 4x4 and SUV and value for money.

  3. I have solar on the house.... this sounds like a great thing... I looked at Nissan leaf 13 years ago in Florida and it was not practical... but in Philippines this sounds great

  4. Go hybrid if you are concerned about range anxiety. I am getting over 20km/l on my toyota corolla cross.

  5. What about the cost of a new battery? 😂😂😂

  6. Hi,
    In reply to your post that the OUTLANDER is better...

    You cannot say outright which one is better without owning one (or both) cars.
    I currently own a 40kWh LEAF. The outlander comes equipped with a 2.4 ltr engine,
    based on current gasoline prices see-sawing around the € 1.95/ltr mark it's quite expensive on a daily basis.
    Especially if your daily commute is around 35kms either way, stuck in traffic jams.
    The battery capacity is more than capable of travelling at least 3 days without charging.
    (currently doing 14kWh/100km which totals around 280km real world range.
    Seeing also that owners can charge FREE at the dealership.
    I don't know the current price you PH road tax but the for the outlander in the NL will set you back
    +- € 50/m and the LEAF costs € 0 (at the moment)

    So if you factor in your daily commute and costs of maintainance then my choice is for the LEAF hands down.

    No stinky exhaust fumes in underground parking either

    Have a good day


  7. Worth noting that the LEAF battery packs have an 8 year warranty


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