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July 6, 2021

These Mazda Shoes Allow You To Unlock "Jinba-Ittai"

It took them long enough. Mazda has now come up with their own driving shoes in collaboration with Japanese sporting goods specialist Mizuno.

According to Mazda and Mizuno, these shoes are meant to provide “a light, stable, yet comfortable pedal operation.” The shoes provide dorsiflexion support (the backward bending and contracting of the foot). This, according to designers makes the driver’s pedal controllability more precise. A structure mesh is also located for the Achilles tendon to absorb the deformation of the support when operating the pedals to maintain the fit of the shoe.

It also has a rounded sole which stabilizes the contact of the foot with the floor. It also makes rotating the foot much easier during driving. The design of the sole itself is said to be inspired by car design particularly its three-dimensional shape.

Finally, the shoes also use the Mizuno Cob Technology which use “pod clusters” to aid balance. A special uneven structure is placed on the upper surface of the midsole that contracts to accurately convey input from the outsole. This should provide a direct feel of the pedals while still providing comfort of everyday wear.

Further setting these driving shoes apart, Mazda also worked closely with Mizuno throughout the design stage to ensure that they’re imbued with the same KODO Soul of Motion design. The shoe is predominantly black in its design although there are dark gray elements as well. It weighs around 270 grams per piece.

The new Mazda/Mizuno driving shoes will go on sale today in Japan, and will end by March 2022. Pricing is set at 36,000 yen or around P 16,000. It will come in sizes ranging from 24.5 cm to 28 cm (9.6 inches to 11 inches).

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