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July 15, 2022

Hyundai Thinks The Future Of High-Performance Will Be All-Electric

Hyundai’s future of high-performance vehicles will be centered around electrification whether it’s using battery electric technology or fuel cell technology. Unveiled are the RN22e and N Vision 74—two rolling laboratories where the Korean automaker will test and verify advanced technologies before applying them to production vehicles.

The RN22e is based off the recently-launched Ioniq 6 streamliner. As the first-ever rolling lab based off the E-GMP platform, it features all-wheel drive that can distribute torque between the front and rear wheels. Moreover, the enhanced suspension includes enhanced brakes to handle the combined 585-horsepower, 740 Nm of torque output from its two electric motors. And because the EN22e is going for a more emotional feel, it has N Sound+ which generates sound from both internal and external speakers, making up for the inherent near-silence operation of EVs.

On the other hand, the N Vision 74 goes for a hydrogen fuel cell/battery electric hybrid. A concept inspired by the 1974 Pony Coupe Concept, it features a new powertrain layout. By having fuel cell system and battery-electric powering the N Vision 74 together, the cooling efficiency is improved, while the two different power sources can be used depending on different driving conditions.

Tt is the first high-performance rolling lab built on the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that Hyundai N

According to Hyundai, the N Vision 74 packs over 680 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque. The battery itself is sizeable enough (62.4 kWh), but add the capability of refueling with 4.2 kilograms of hydrogen, it means this high-performance concept can do over 600 kilometers of driving range.

Design-wise, the N Vision 74 marries Hyundai’s design heritage with the modern electrification era to shape the N Vision 74. In addition, Parametric Pixel lighting provides a futuristic flourish. 

It looks like Hyundai is going all in on electrification. As a petrol head, will you be missing the sound of internal combustion engines in favor of a high-performance future centered on EV technology?

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