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Thursday, July 28, 2022

These Are The Standard Features On The Base 2023 Next-Gen Ford Ranger Trims

When it comes to the all-new Ford Ranger, much of the focus has been on the higher trim variants, and rightfully so because they’re the ones being offered through their online reservation portal. But now that the 2023 Ranger has been officially launched in the Philippines, how do the base variants stack up? Well, now we know.

Let’s start with the engine. The base variants—the 4x4 XL, 4x2 XLS 4x2, and XLT 4x2 (pictured above)—all share the very same engine found in higher-trim Ranger 4x2 variants. The single-turbo 2.0-liter, in this case, makes 170 horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 405 Nm of torque from 1,750 to 2,500 rpm. This is then paired to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox.

In terms of chassis, these variants all get the same Double Wishbone / Leaf Spring suspension combination, though they all have a vented disc / drum brake set-up compared to the Wildtrak’s all-disc setup. Tire and wheel-wise, the 4x4 XL is the only one that runs on steelies, while the 4x2 XLS upwards already benefit from alloy wheels. The XL and XLS though roll on 16-inchers (255/70R16), while the XLT moves up an inch to 17s (255/70R17).

Running down the exterior features, all Rangers, regardless of variant gets the rear box step which improves access to the cargo bed. The bedliner though is only available on the XLT upward. The XL gets a black front grille, while the XLS has it painted. The XLT, meanwhile goes back to black but adds a chrome garnish. The XL and XLS use halogen headlights and there are front fog lights, while the XLT uses fancy LEDs with daytime running lights and front fog lights.

In terms of interior trim, the XL, XLS, and XLT all get fabric seats with a 6-way manual adjustable driver’s seat for all but the XL, and a 4-way manual adjustable front passenger seat. Towards the back seat, there is no center arm rest for these variants. These three variants also get a traditional day/night rear view mirror, manual air conditioning, and a twist key (no push start).

When it comes to in-car tech, all variants, even the base XL, gets an 8-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10-inch colored portrait touchscreen with SYNC 4A. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity comes straight out of the box as do steering wheel-mounted controls. The XL gets four speakers (already generous), but all variants upward get six. Wireless device charging comes standard from the XLT upward.

When it comes to safety gear, 6 SRS airbags is standard, as are ABS with EBD, and stability control with traction control. The base variants don’t come with rear parking sensors, but a rear parking camera is standard issue already on the XLT.

As just mentioned by Ford Philippines, all Ranger variants, regardless of trim, benefit from their new 5-year / 150,000-kilometer warranty. They also get a new Intelligent Oil Life Monitor which should reduce the frequency of oil changes depending on driving habits and conditions.

Given the wealth of specs, even for the base trim, the next-generation Ford Ranger is shaping up to the most formidable in its segment. Remember, the 2023 Ranger starts at just P 1,198,000 for the 4x4 XL (same price of the 4x2 XLS), while the 4x2 XLS AT is at P 1,273,000 and the 4x2 XLT AT is at P 1,374,000. Do you think the Japanese brands can respond this time around?

If you want to check out more photos of each of the Ranger variants, see them here.


  1. Sir uly, you said in your other article that xlt will have mt but i see none from eight variants released by ford ph. Or it'll follow later this year?

    1. Even in our speculative story, we never mentioned an XLT manual:

      Perhaps you were referring to the internal market version? If that's the case, in other markets, the XLT is available with a MT. No word on whether Ford Philippines will add this here though.

    2. Not the international sir uly, those countries even have xlt bi turbo. Was actually referring here, it was one of your articles i forgot where exactly i read it. You were asked about the mt for the wildtrak not included anymore to ford ph's line up and you mentioned mt will only come to xlt and below.

    3. I might have commented on it in a speculative tone...regardless, even in the most recent article I wrote before the launch, I didn't mention the XLT MT anymore (that's the one with the link above). Surprised mainly that they brought in an XL 4x4 and then priced it the same as the XLS 4x2.

    4. I saw a video that mentioned about an xlt mt that would cost 1,299,000.00 so i think sir uly's speculative comment might be true!

  2. Aside from the XLT 4x2 MT, the XL 4x2 MT and XLS 4x4 MT might join or follow suit with that said variant since the 2023 Ford Ranger is supposed to have 11 Variants excluding the Raptor...

  3. I was just thinking how ugly the interior would look with the infotainment screen downgraded to a basic stereo.. but wow, even the gauges are similar to the highest trim! Good job Ford, and based on international reviews, the new Ranger is (still) the king when it comes to driving dynamics. Looking forward to the full review from this site.

  4. With ford ph ditching xlt and wildtrak mt, does that have something to do with their sales? Are their clients mostly bought previous models and reserved all on ATs? It's a truck after all, their could be people driving their ATs but philipinnes doesn't round within just manila, we have provincial roads with farms that could benefit more with mt. The xl's the lowest variant. Could they offer mt atleast for the sport variant?

  5. More features, more problems in the long run. Best is to keep it simple.

  6. Would you mind making a side to side comparo of the xls 4x2 mt and xl 4x4 mt sir uly? Aside from those steel rims and 4 speakers set up, what made those 2 to have the same srp? I've seen a video that even the base 4x4 gets a rear diff lock and that's something you'd be thinking of getting the xl rather than xls right?

    1. As requested:

      4x4 XL:
      - Electronic rear locking differential
      - 16-inch steel wheels w/ 255/70R16 tires
      - Black grille
      - No selectable drive modes
      - 4-way manual adjustable driver's seat

      4x2 XLS:
      - 16-inch alloys w/ 255/70R16 tires
      - Painted front grille
      - Selectable drive modes
      - 6-way manual adjust driver's seat

    2. If that's the only difference, then there's no point in getting that xls mt unless you want the auto trans. That selectable drive modes doesn't count as an advantage anyways atleast for me. Thanks sir uly!

    3. This will make you think the xls is unnecessary variant. They should have made the xl as the xls 4x4 mt then the 4x2 mt should be line up to xlt. But i'm no marketing expert. Just what i notice with what ford ph did to those base models.

  7. Who knows! Ford ph might launch even an mt sport variant in the future!

  8. 4x2 sport mt!!!! Please ford ph!

  9. Can you export this car to another Dubai


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