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July 19, 2022

Volkswagen Introduces Improved 1.5-liter TSI Engine With 150 Horsepower

Volkswagen is well on its way towards an all-electric future, but it doesn’t mean it’s turning its back on traditional gasoline engines just yet. Introduced in Europe is an update to its 1.5-liter TSI gasoline engine called the TSI evo2.

To be made available first on the T-Roc and T-Roc Cabriolet (see lead photo), the compact four-cylinder engine will make 150 horsepower with more states of tune to follow.

Considered as a key pillar of Volkswagen’s engine range because it powers everything from the T-Cross to the Passat, the EA 211 evo2 had engineers move the three-way catalytic converter and gasoline particulate filter close to the engine in a single emission control module, thereby further improving the efficiency of the emission control system. It also helps reduce the use of precious metals in production and makes it compliant with future emission standards.

The 1.5-liter engine also has Active Cylinder Management—ACTplus. The new development focused around improving the activation and deactivation of the two cylinders to improve its smoothness. Also, the combustion process in two-cylinder mode was further improved to extend the operating range of the Active Cylinder Management system.

With ACTplus, the second and third cylinders are not fired when the engine is operating at low and medium loads and speeds. The efficiency is increased in the active cylinders, while the middle cylinders simply follow with practically no losses; they are reactivated when the accelerator is pressed again.

Alongside the variable-geometry turbocharger, the new engine gets a high-pressure (350-bar) injection system, plasma-coated cylinder walls (to reduce friction), and pistons with cast-in cooling ducts (to allow combustion to be optimized and efficiency increased).

The TSI evo2 is also “future-oriented” and is designed for operation with fuels containing ingredients manufactured from renewable energy sources. Plus, it’s suitable for various hybridization levels, including a possible 272-horsepower version in a PHEV version.

Volkswagen says the TSI evo2 won’t just be available in Europe. It will be made global, particularly in markets where electric mobility is only establishing itself.

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