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July 27, 2022

The Aceman Is MINI's First EV SUV

MINI is the first brand under the BMW Group that’s going fully electric, and now, the world gets its first glimpse of an all-new SUV model that’s slotting between the Cooper and Countryman: the Mini Aceman.

Shown as a concept, the MINI Aceman features the brand’s new design language called, “Charismatic Simplicity.” This means sticking to the characteristic design elements while paring back on what’s considered as superfluous. The key design elements here include the octagonal grille element now closed and lit, sharp-edged structuring, an athletic shoulder section, and vertically-arranged rear lights.

The MINI Aceman features four doors and seating for five. The concept study measures in at 4.05 meters in length, has a width of 1.99 meters, and a height of 1.59 meters.

The same minimalist design motif continues inside with a dashboard that’s made to look like a soundbar. The central instruments, meanwhile, is now a completely round OLED display while the classic toggle switch bar arranged below. The central console is also highly flexible, while discreet geometric patterns are integrated into the headrests.

The interior, completely free of leather and chrome, uses a combination of textile and velour.

The Aceman also previews what is a new digital operating system for upcoming MINI vehicles. This builds on a holistic approach that uses light, movement, interaction, and sound for an emotional connection between the car and its users. For example, the MINI Companion delivers a welcome animation consisting of light effects and sounds as the user approaches and vehicles, and opens its doors.

The user interface on the central instrument also features a completely new graphic display, a modern layout, and attractively designed widgets. The latest-generation MINI Operating System is built atop Android-based software.


  1. Derived from the Paceman?

    1. Nope. Looks to be an entirely different car. Likely new platform related to the all-new Cooper.

  2. It's still a concept right?

    1. Yes, it's still a design concept for now but it's heading to production.


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