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July 28, 2022

Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser 300 Sees More Production Suspensions In July, August

Toyota can’t catch a break. After parts shortages that caused them to momentarily suspend production at several of its manufacturing facilities in Japan, the carmaker is now having to deal with more suspensions due to an uptick of COVID-19 cases as well as heavy rain damage at one of its suppliers.

The world’s largest carmaker is cutting back an additional 4,000 units this July and about 50,000 units in August due to complications surrounding its global supply chain. Moreover, a spike in COVID-19 cases in Japan, including a couple of outbreaks at their own production lines meant having to momentarily stop production for disinfection.

For July, the stoppages will drastically affect the Toyota RAV4 which will see the loss of up to two more production days on top of the 16 days already lost due to the lack of parts. For August, they’re set to lose yet another production day.

Meanwhile, the Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus LX will see yet more production suspensions. With customers already facing up to a four-year wait, the flagship SUV’s production will pause for 11 days in August. Toyota’s first-ever dedicated EV, the bZ4X and its twin, the Subaru Solterra will see 18 days of stoppages.

All in all, 9 lines in 6 plants out of 28 lines in 14 plants will see production suspensions in August.

Toyota says the global production volume for August is expected to be approximately 700,000 units (approximately 200,000 units in Japan and 500,000 units overseas).

The global production volume for August through October is estimated to average about 850,000 units per month. The production forecast for the fiscal year remains unchanged (approximately 9.7 million).


  1. What in the world is happening to Toyota.... They still have a lot of promises to deliver and a lot of product launches lately. If all of these will be delayed, many customers will be pissed off for sure. Those waiting for 4 years might get other cars instead.

  2. 4 yrs of waiting for unit is a big joke

    1. 4yers of waiting is absolutely not true


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