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July 15, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About The 2023 Hyundai Staria For The Philippine Market

After getting our hands on the full Philippine specs of the Hyundai Tucson and Santa Fe, it’s time to check out what their MPV, the Staria will have to offer.

With four variants all in all, the Staria is Hyundai Motor Philippines’ bread-and-butter model. The range starts with the Staria 2.2 Cargo M/T at P 1,560,000, moving up to the Staria 2.2 Commuter M/T at P 1,850,000, then the Staria 2.2 GLS+ A/T at P 2,320,000, and finally the Staria 2.2 Premium AWD at P 2,930,000.

It’s also very clear that Hyundai aims to square off with the Toyota Hiace based on pricing alone. But what about the features? Can Hyundai deliver in that respect as well? Well, it’s time to check out the full specs of the all-new Staria.

2022 Hyundai Staria Specifications

2022 Hyundai Staria Drivetrain

  • Engine: 2.2-liter CRDi VGT DOHC 16V I4
  • Displacement: 2,199 cc
  • Maximum Output: 177 PS @ 3,800 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 431 Nm @ 1,500 to 2,500 rpm
  • Fuel System: Common Rail
  • Transmission: 6 MT (Cargo, Commuter), 8 AT (GLS+), 8 AT AWD (Premium)
  • Wheels/Tires: Steel 17-inch w/ Cover (Cargo, Commuter), Alloy 17-inch (GLS+), Alloy 18-inch Premium)
2022 Hyundai Staria Chassis
  • Front Suspension: MacPherson Strut
  • Rear Suspension: Leaf Spring (Cargo), 5-Link w/ Coil Spring (Commuter, GLS+, Premium)
  • Steering: Motor-Driven Power Steering
  • Adjustment: Tilt/Telescopic
  • Material: Urethane (Cargo, Commuter), Leather (GLS+, Premium)
  • Steering Wheel Remote: Audio/Bluetooth (Cargo, Commuter), Audio/Bluetooth/Voice (GLS+, Premium)
  • Cruise Control: Conventional (GLS+), Adaptive w/ Stop and Go (Premium)
  • Drive Mode Select: GLS+, Premium
  • Paddle Shifter: Premium
2022 Hyundai Staria Dimensions & Weight
  • Overall Length: 5,253 mm
  • Overall Width: 1,970 mm
  • Overall Height: 2,000 mm (Cargo), 1,990 mm (Commuter, GLS+, Premium)
  • Wheelbase: 3,273 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 186 mm
  • Cargo Capacity: 4,935 liters (Cargo), 1,024 liters (Commuter, GLS+), 431 liters (Premium)
2022 Hyundai Staria Exterior Features
  • Headlamps: Halogen (Cargo, Commuter), LED (GLS+), Dual LED (Premium)
  • Automatic Headlights: GLS+, Premium
  • DRL: GLS+, Premium
  • Position Lamp: Bulb-Type (Cargo, Commuter), LED (GLS+, Premium)
  • Rear Fog Lamp: Bulb-Type (GLS+), LED (Premium)
  • Rear Combination Lamps: Bulb-Type (Cargo, Commuter, GLS+), LED (Premium)
  • Outside Door Handle: Body-Color (Cargo, Commuter, GLS+), Chrome (Premium)
  • Sliding Doors: Dual, Manual (Cargo, Commuter, GLS+), Dual, Power (Premium)
  • Front Grille: Body-Color (Cargo, GLS+), Black/Silver (Commuter), Glossy Black w/ Copper (Premium)
  • Sunroof: Premium
  • Tailgate: Twin-Swing (Cargo), Manual Lift (Commuter, GLS+), Power (Premium)
  • Flush Glass: Commuter, GLS+, Premium
  • Rear Spoiler: Commuter, GLS+, Premium
2022 Hyundai Staria Interior Features
  • Seating: 3 (Cargo), 11 (Commuter, GLS+), 7 (Premium)
  • Instrument Cluster: Supervision w/ 4.2-inch TFT LCD (Cargo, Commuter), Supervision w/ 10.25-inch TFT LCD (GLS+, Premium)
  • Overhead Console Lamp: With (LED for Premium)
  • Room Lamp: With (Commuter, GLS+, Premium)
  • Mood and Console Lamp: Premium
  • Rear View Mirror: Day/Night (Cargo, Commuter), Auto-Dimming (GLS+, Premium)
  • Sun Visors w/ Vanity Mirrors: With (Illuminated for GLS+, Premium)
  • Seat Back Pockets: Premium
  • Central Door Locks: With
  • Side Mirrors: Power w/ Manual Fold (Cargo, Commuter), Power w/ Electric Fold (GLS+), Power w/ Electric Fold, Heated (Premium)
  • Side Repeater Lamps: GLS+, Premium
  • Wireless Charge: GLS+, Premium
  • Audio System: Mono LCD w/ Stereo/USB/Bluetooth (Cargo, Commuter), 8-inch Touchscreen w/ Stereo/USB/Bluetooth/Apple CarPlay/Android Auto (GLS+, Premium)
  • Speakers: 2 (Cargo), 4 (Commuter), 6 (GLS+), 12 Bose Sound System (Premium)
  • Aircon: Manual (Cargo, Commuter), Automatic (GLS+, Premium)
  • Seats: Fabric (Cargo, Commuter), Leatherette (GLS+), Nappa Leather (Premium)
  • Driver’s Seat: 6-way Manual Adjust (8-way Power, Ventilated for Premium)
  • Front Passenger Seat: 4-way Manual Adjust (6-way Power, Ventilated for Premium)
  • 2nd Row Seat: 60/40 Split-Fold (Commuter, GLS+), Premium Relaxation Seat (Premium)
  • 3rd Row Seat: Independent (Commuter, GLS+), Bench (Premium)
  • 4th Row Seat: Bench (Commuter, GLS+)
2022 Hyundai Staria Safety and Security
  • Airbags: 2 (Cargo, Commuter), 6 (GLS+, Premium)
  • ABS with EBD: With
  • Electronic Stability Control: With
  • Hill Start Assist: With
  • Parking Brake: Hand Brake (Cargo, Commuter), Electric w/ Auto Hold (GLS+, Premium)
  • Key Type: Folding Key (Cargo, Commuter), Smart Key w/ Button Start (GLS+, Premium)
  • Lane Keep Assist: Premium
  • Forward Collision Assist: Premium
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System: GLS+, Premium
  • Forward Collision Avoidance – Junction: Premium
  • Forward and Reverse Parking Distance Warning: GLS+, Premium
  • Surround View Monitor: GLS+, Premium
  • Rear Seat Alert: Commuter, GLS+, Premium
  • Blind-spot View Monitor: GLS+, Premium
  • Lane Following Assist: Premium
2022 Hyundai Staria Colors
  • Abyss Black w/ Black/Beige Interior (GLS+), w/ Gray/Brown Interior (Premium)
  • Creamy White w/ Black Interior (Cargo, Commuter), w/ Black/Beige Interior (GLS+), w/ Gray/Brown Interior (Premium)
  • Olivine Gray w/ Black/Beige Interior (GLS+)


  1. The Staria, especially the Premium variant, is very loaded with features compared to the Hiace, especially its Super Grandia Elite variant. Worth mentioning that the Staria Premium is cheaper than the Hiace Super Grandia Elite and significantly cheaper than the gray market units even if HMPH Staria Premium has 99% of the features of the gray market Staria Premium. Keep it up Hyundai Philippines!

    1. Yes agree! Hyundai is coming back strong. Good luck and more power!

    2. Agree. No more underspecced, pathetic cars from its previous distributor.

  2. I wish though there is an AT option worth 1.5 to 2.0m though.....

  3. Watch out Toyota grandia elite!

  4. Yeah no more HARI in hyundae ph...h changan turn to b KING lol

  5. I see a gap for buyers who want full features but can do without AWD and the cosmetic enhancements, at a price between the GLS+ and the Premium.

  6. This is Hyundai Motor Philippines' (HMP) flagship model I think. (Maybe, for now. But then we also have to think that this is also the first model from its previous distributor, HARI, that sold like hotcakes.)

    Regardless if the Staria will sell well or not, I think HMP destined this Staria to be a halo model while they're waiting for the Hyundai's SEA (Indonesia) plant to go full operation and expand their car portfolio further, then they'll switch some models' sourcing from Korea to Indonesia.

    1. Palisade will be their flagship...but they've yet to bring in the refreshed model.

      No doubt about that shift to Indonesia, they already mentioned that for models like Creta, Santa Fe, Ioniq 5, Stargazer. Models though like Tucson, Palisade, Staria will still be sourced from Korea.

      No more China / India sourcing for HMPH though.

    2. I know this is not the flagship for Hyundai here, but I say, it's their temporary "flagship" for now, as they're probably still on the drawing board how they'll spec the Palisade once the updated one arrives. So they're betting resources probably on the Staria, for now.

      But yep the Korean sourcing might be a temporary "stopgap" for now, for some models, and as soon as the Indonesian plant goes fully functioning and on production overdrive I bet they'll switch over the sourcing.

      I do wish that we get the Ioniq 5 though, but our electrification plans and architecture seems to be on a laggard despite the passage of EV laws (it's a bit too late. And I am not shocked why Hyundai chose Indonesia as their SEA plant instead of PH.)

    3. Ioniq 5 is better than recall toyota bz4x. Ioniq 5 has received many awards and positive feedbacks l(together with kia EV6), and newly released e-sedan(the Ioniq 6).



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