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July 13, 2022

Geely Is Looking To Bring This Pickup Truck To The Philippine Market

Geely, through its new brand, Radar, unveiled a new all-electric pick-up that’s targeted to urbanites who’s taken a liking to outdoor activities such as camping.

The Radar RD6 is a unibody pickup that rides on the brand’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). It will offer 600 kilometers of range. Though Geely has yet to reveal the full mechanical details, reports say it will be made available in both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations with outputs ranging from 200 to 400 horsepower.

Radar CEO Ling Shiquan says Geely foresees annual sales of pickup trucks in China can reach three million by 2030. Ling has also confirmed that the RD6 will go on sale to Chinese consumers by the fourth quarter of this year, and that exporting it to the Southeast Asian market such as the Philippines is a strong possibility.

Geely may also seek to bring the trucks to the United States, the world's largest pickup market, to compete with the existing players such as Ford, Tesla, and Rivian, Ling said.

The brand itself stands for “Rational, Alone, Discovery, Accompany, and Romantic,” and will have its own R&D facility in Hangzhou, China.

The RD6 is designed by Peter Horbury, Geely’s Auto Executive Vice-President for Design. It features a front trunk as well as a trunk bed that offers charging capabilities. It’s also long enough to accommodate surf boards.

After the launch of the RD6, Geely will also introduce more Radar branded products such as an SUV and an ATV.


  1. For as much as i don't like that awkward meaning of the brand's acronym. I admit, just that Radar brand sounds really good for a vehicle brand. Looking forward to their future products. China's progress is skyrocketing dramatically! And there's no stopping them!

    1. I can't trust a brand that has goofy acronyms.

    2. Exactly, RADAR is cool, but not much for what it actually stands for😁.. I believe China is leading the EV technology in the world..

  2. Bring it. Make it the 1st electric pick up truck in the Philippine market.

  3. How cool this would actually be if this would be the very first electrified pick up truck in the Philippines which is very popular here..

  4. RADAR stands for: Rational, Alone, Discovery, Accompany, and Romantic

  5. RADAR - Run And Destroy All Rivals

  6. It's a free world credit to the innovators and hardworking Chinese - stop the envy!


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