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November 4, 2022

Hyundai, As A Brand, Is Worth More Than Ford, Porsche, or Nissan

The Hyundai brand is worth USD 17.3 billion according to Interbrand, a leading global brand consultancy company with over 40 years of experience. Having the fastest brand value growth among mainstream automotive brands (up 14 percent year-on-year), it helps the Korean automaker land in 35th place overall. It also marks their eighth consecutive year among the top 40 brands.

According to Interbrand, key factors that helped the positive appraisal of Hyundai’s brand value include their strategic focus on electric vehicles (EVs), expansion of its future mobility vision into meta mobility, and its proactive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management.

This year alone, Hyundai’s first EV built on a purpose-built platform, the Ioniq 5 won the 2022 World Car of the Year beating high-performance and luxury models. Moreover, they also introduced the Ioniq 6 electrified “streamliner,” and announced the Ioniq 7 large EV SUV.

Meanwhile, the automaker has established a future vision that goes beyond the traditional means of transportation including a concept that will expand the role of mobility to virtual reality (VR), allowing people to overcome physical limitations. Hyundai also shared its vision of how robots will act as a medium between the real world and virtual spaces, enabling users to make changes in the metaverse to be reflected in reality.

Finally, when it comes to proper corporate governance, Hyundai was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World Index for the first time last year, which means it reached the top 10 percent of 2,500 global companies by market capitalization.

In this year’s list, Interbrand ranked Apple as the brand with the highest value worth USD 482.21 billion, followed by Microsoft (USD 278.28 billion), Amazon (USD 274.81 billion), Google (USD 251.75 billion), and Samsung (USD 87.68 billion).

Among automotive brands, here’s the Top 15:
  1. Toyota
  2. Mercedes-Benz
  3. Tesla
  4. BMW
  5. Honda
  6. Hyundai
  7. Audi
  8. Volkswagen
  9. Ford
  10. Porsche
  11. Nissan
  12. Ferrari
  13. Kia
  14. Land Rover
  15. MINI


  1. i thought this was obvious because hyundai is a mass market brand (not sure if thats how it works), what really surprised me tho is that its higher on volkswagen in the list

    1. Volkswagen is on a decline in sales and value in China and Brazil..


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