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Friday, December 16, 2022

Bosch PH Launches "Care For Life" CSR

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA) partners with Teach For The Philippines (TFP) to support the development of education skills necessary for children in the Philippines basic literacy, numeracy and socioemotional skills with their #CareforEducation campaign. The campaign addresses the challenges of providing education at a system-level to children within poverty communities and the less fortunate in the Philippines.

“We believe that children are the next generation of leaders. Bosch AA supports this by providing quality education through this campaign. The partnership with Teach For The Philippines is divided into two programs – Functional Literacy Program (FLP) and Batang Bayani Program (BBP) – dedicated for 700 students and 500 parents of the students,” said Marcio Coelho, Vice President of Bosch AA ASEAN.

“We believe that learning never stops and we look forward to working alongside Teach For The Philippines to equip children with the right knowledge and positive behavior towards learning and development,” he added.

The Functional Literacy Program (FLP) through Teach For The Philippines provides an early grade intervention program for reading and math, subject areas that are critical for academic success in the Philippines. Whereas, the Batang Bayani Program (BBP) aims at encouraging children to practice positive behavior towards learning at home.

“As an organization, Teach For The Philippines works with progressive champions like Bosch AA to ensure that all Filipino children benefit from an inclusive, relevant and excellent education. Literacy and life skills, in particular, are critical to develop at an early age. Investments in these skills will help pave the way for our children to succeed in the 21st century. Through Bosch AA's support, we can influence the lives of public school students all across the country,” said Clarissa Isabelle Delgado, Co-Founder and CEO of Teach For The Philippines.

The #CareForEducation campaign is part of Bosch’s Care For Life initiative, contributing to the vulnerable children’s communities in ASEAN. It is supported by Bosch Primavera, a charitable organization founded by Bosch associates, helping children from all over the world since 1990.

The launch of #CareForEducation in the Philippines marks the third country where the ASEAN-wide Care For Life campaign has launched, after Singapore and Indonesia, with plans in the pipeline for Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand that focuses on road safety, health of children, and clean air respectively.

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