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December 6, 2022

Toyota Previews Wild-Looking 2023 C-HR Compact Crossover

Despite Toyota making the Corolla Cross into a global model, it seems they’re not giving up on their OG compact crossover, the C-HR. In fact, they’re just about ready to launch a second-generation model previewed by the C-HR Prologue.

Still designed at Toyota’s European Design Development headquarters in France and engineered specifically for Europe, the second-generation C-HR continues the trend started by the current model: to be a bold, attention-seeking crossover.

In terms of proportions, designers opted for even shorter overhangs and bigger wheels.

From that canvas, the C-HR Prologue features lines that seem to subtly change from sharp to fluid. This, according to Toyota, is to give it a modernistic, yet approachable human touch. Upfront, it gains Toyota’s newest design trademark—the Hammerhead face. Then, to the sides, it gets not just a two-tone, but a three-tone exterior color. For the Prologue, it’s an accent of yellow sulfur over a metal silver and carbon black.

The C-HR Prologue is already close to production and based on what Toyota’s done with the Aygo X Prologue, the design won’t change all that much. Toyota has confirmed that it will come with standard hybrid power. In addition, it will also have a plug-in hybrid variant as well.

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  1. these millenial designers just took an idea off a video game and made it into reality. looks absolutely gay and will not age well.


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