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December 1, 2022

Honda Rolls Out Next-Generation Honda Sensing 360 To Global Markets

Honda is expanding the availability of its next-generation driver assist technology outside of its home market of Japan and China. Honda Sensing 360 and Honda Sensing Elite will be made standard in U.S.-based Honda models by 2030.

These latest safety advances reflect a global vision announced by Honda global CEO Toshihiro Mibe in April 2021, to strive for both zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050 and carbon-neutrality for its products and corporate activities by 2050.

By adding a total of five units of millimeter-wave radar in front and at each corner of the vehicle, in addition to the monocular camera found in the current Honda Sensing system, this expanded sensing range covers blind spots around the vehicle which are difficult for the driver to visually check. Moreover, it will reduce driver burden by detecting abnormal driving conditions vis-à-vis the vehicle’s surroundings.

Meanwhile, Honda Sensing Elite—the flagship of Honda’s advanced safety technology will include a hands-off function while driving not just on highways but also through traffic jams on arterial roads. The hands-off function can be used during merging onto and exiting from an expressway at a road junction. It can also assist the driver by automatically parking in and driving out of a parking space.

In addition, Honda Sensing Elite will “learn” increasing its capability to recognize complex scenes and handle driving situations that occur in environments such as on non-expressways.

In the Philippines, Honda Sensing is available in a wide variety of Honda models such as the BR-V, HR-V, Civic, and Accord.


  1. What's the difference of 360 to the Sensing offered locally?

    1. Honda Sensing offered locally just looks forward and only uses a monocular camera. This new one uses both a radar- and camera-based system to offer a 360-degree view of the car's surroundings.

  2. My guess is that Honda PH will offer Honda Sensing 360, but only in their Top-of-the-Line models by 2030. Honda Sensing Elite might be a long wait for the PH market.


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