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December 16, 2022

All You Need To Know About Using Your Easytrip RFID On SLEX, STAR Tollway, And More

When Autosweep (the Electronic Toll Collection system run by San Miguel Corporation) announced that its interoperability with Easytrip (the Electronic Toll Collection system run by the Metro Pacific Tollways) will start on January 15, 2023 there was a collective sigh of FUCKING FINALLY.

Four years after Easytrip allowed the interoperability with Autosweep, SMC has finally stopped dragging its feet, and has now paved the way for a true one RFID fits all solution for motorists. This news is welcome for motorists because now all you need is one physical RFID to traverse all of the major expressways stretching from North to South (and vice-versa) as it should be.

However, like every good news, there’s a catch. And it’s a big one.

In a setup similar to Easytrip’s interoperability with Autosweep, Easytrip users cannot simply drive through the ETC lanes designed for the Autosweep unless they use the new Easytrip Neology tags. These tags feature a higher readability rate than the old Easytrip tags, but most important of all, it’s the only one compatible with Autosweep’s RFID readers.

Thankfully, the Easytrip Neology RFID tags are free of charge, and motorists with the older generation of RFID stickers can have them swapped at select toll plazas (see here for details).

Once you’ve determined that you have the compatible EasyTrip Neology RFID, you need to complete the following steps:
  • Download and fill up the Autosweep application form via their website.
  • Head over to any of Autosweep Customer Service Center or Kiosk with the vehicle you wish to register for interoperability along with one Valid ID (government or company issued). Here’s the initial list of Autosweep Customer Service Centers or Kiosks that can help:
    • C5 Customer Service Center
    • Calamba CSC Customer Service Center
    • SLEX Greenfields Customer Service Center
    • Southwoods NB Customer Service Center
    • Southwoods SB Customer Service Center
    • Sta Rosa NB Customer Service Center
    • Sta Rosa SB Customer Service Center
    • STAR Tollway Lipa Customer Service Center
    • TPLEX Main Customer Service Center
    • Petron Commerce
    • Petron Boni Serrano
    • Petron C5
    • Petron Dasmarinas
    • Petron La Vista
    • Shell Magallanes
    • Caltex MCX
    • Petron NB KM 44
    • Petron SB KM 44
    • Petron San Pedro
    • Shell Mamplasan
    • Shell Putatan
    • Petron Ibaan
    • Petron Lipa
    • Petron Malvar
    • Petron Pura NB
    • Petron Pura SB
  • Once you’re there, Autosweep personnel will test the Easytrip tag to make sure it’s readable. Remember, Autosweep is free, but because the wallets aren’t shared, motorists are required to keep a minimum balance of P 200 for Class 1 and P 500 for Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles.
Also, take note that in case your Easytrip RFID is deemed to be damaged or unreadable, Autosweep personnel will just install a separate RFID on your vehicle.

If you still insist on having just one RFID sticker, you’ll have the option of either having it installed in either Autosweep or Easytrip first, and apply for interoperability for the other one after.


  1. Unbelievable slackers. They were only able to go this far in the Toll Interoperability? MOA was signed last 2017.

  2. Thats alwayz the way of our govt...too many laws and regulation but lacked on implementation!

  3. Thanks for this information which is applicable for like 10% of the country's population


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